Saw is a 2015 American Horror-Thriller film starring Daniel Radcliffe, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton, Tim Roth, and Kevin Bacon. This stars as a reboot to the original series but ignores them and has a different story. The sequels are Saw II: Flesh and Blood and Saw III: The Last Level.


A detective is obsessed with finding the killer that killed his partner. Only to find out that the killer has kidnapped a cop and the cop's son. The detective is forced to play the killer's games after being kidnapped too.


  • Daniel Radcliffe as Dylan Denlon - The Secondary Protagonist of the film and Detective Jeff Denlon's son. He is tested for anger and hatred
  • Samuel L. Jackson as David Tapp - The Main Protagonist of the film and Dylan's god-father. He is obsessed with catching Jigsaw and saving Jeff and Dylan.


  • John Kramer - Died of heart attack (off-screen). (mentioned only)
  • Steven Sing - Head shot off by shotgun trap. (flashback only)
  • Lynn and Corbett Denlon - Died in car crash (off-screen) after Jeff failed to save them. (flashback only)
  • Lawrence Gordon - Died of nerve gas after cutting off his right foot which was the wrong one to cut off.
  • Adam Stanheight - Suffocated to death out of mercy with plastic bag by his girl-friend Amanda Young. (flashback only)
  • Rex - Head impaled multiple times by Death Mask Trap a.k.a. Venus Fly Trap.
  • Ivan - Sliced to death by a wire trap (off-screen).
  • Daniel Rigg - Head shot with pistol by Eric Matthews.
  • Eric Matthews - Head crushed by two ice bricks for abandoning Dylan as a child and killing Rigg.
  • Jeff Denlon - Shot 2 times in the stomach with pistol by Detective Campbell Iman.
  • Bobby Dagen - Electrocuted to death with shock room trap by Zep Hindle/Pighead.
  • Zep Hindle/Pighead - Electrocuted to death with shock room by David Tapp.
  • David Tapp - Commits suicide via gunshot to the head (off-screen). (gunshot is heard and blood is splatter on T.V.).
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