Saw: Game Over! is a Saw fanfiction, written by Nicholas Cornish.


Tobey Maguire as Cole Bateman - The Main Protagonist, A police officer who wanted revenge on Jigsaw for killing his wife, he was tested because he was bullied as a kid by everyone, when he became a police officer, he used his position to show anger and hatred and must decide that when he escapes he has to have freedom or join Jigsaw and end the Jigsaw murders.

Kristen Dunst as Lauren Stacies - A news reporter, she develops feelings for Cole. She was tested because she lied on her reports.

Bryce Dallas Howard as Helen Bateman - Cole's Ex-Wife, she was killed by one of Jigsaw's traps, she was tested because she constantly cheated on Cole.

J.K. Simmons as The Chief of Police - Cole's abusive boss, he was tested because he stole evidence from the evidence locker and used them for himself. He also abused Cole.

Clancy Brown as Oswald - Cole's Co-Worker, he was tested because he showed racist discriminations to people, then he would steal from them.

Darren - Cole's Co-Worker, he was tested because framed others for crimes just because he didn't like them, meaning true criminals were still roaming the streets.

Tyson - A jouralist, he was tested because he reported propaganda, ruining peoples lives and driving others to suicide, even though he didn't care.

Elroy- A former college student, he was tested because he raped one of his college professors


The Neck-Brace (Escaped)- Cole was strapped to a chair, with a big metal neckbrace stuck around his neck, he had to use the contents of one of the 10 boxes in the room to escape or the blade built in to the brace would slit his throat. He could not open a second box

The Balance Beam (Escaped (Cole)/ Failed (Helen))- A long balance beam led to an elevator that could only fit in one person, the beam was above razor blades, Cole successfully made it across, but when the elevator went up, his wife was half way through, and she commited suicide by jumping into the blades.

The Hot Seat (Escaped)- Cole was strapped to a chair, he had to break one of his hands to escape within the time limit or the chair would catch fire.

The Boxed In Trap (Escaped (Oswald)/ Failed (Tyson))- Oswald and Tyson found themselves bare foot in a cage, they saw a room with 51 locked boxes, they had to find the right order of 25 keys to unlock the final box to escape, then the door would seal shut.

The Fire Escape Trap (Escaped)- Elroy found himself inside a locked room, he could either help Cole and Oswald to help him escape, or let the room blow up and kill him.

The Four Corners Trap (Failed)- Harrison was strapped to a chair with a weird device around his neck and his mouth sewn shut, the device would easily slip off but Harrison couldn't move, the key to the cage he was in was found somewhere only Harrison knew, but since he couldn't speak, he had to find a different way to let others know where it was, if the time expired, the knives attatched to the device would be sent into the 4 sides of his head and pierce his brain.

The Hallway Trap (Escaped)- Cole had to pass through a puzzling hallway with panels across the floor with pictures on, every time he stepped on the wrong one, he would recieve an electric shock, the correct pictures were drawn on the wall

The Shock Jacket (Passed)- Cole is forced to wear an electric jacket with all the equiptment he would need to continue, but if he goes off course, the jacket would shock him until he got back on the right course again

The Pig Guts (Escaped)- A woman is inside a room with pigs hanging from the ceiling, the key to escape is inside the stomach of one of them, she must find the key before the bombs in the room explode.

Other Traps to be added soon

Trivia/ Goofs

Parts of the fic are based of the Video Game, Saw 2: Flesh and Blood.

Chapter one of the fic says that Cole became a police officer so he could get revenge on Jigsaw, however, chapter 2 says that Cole was already a police officer before he met Jigsaw.

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