Saw-A New Beginning is a 2016 film by Steven Spielberg.


Arter Jigsaw's death,his son Raymond "Pigsaw" Kramer is penetrating new victims for some bloody "fun".


The Bathtub-Shock therapy:Leah and Jenna are best friends since 8th grade.After they got knocked out by Pigsaw,Leah is fixed on the wall with lots of cables all around her naked body.Jenna is sitting in an empty bathtub,also with cables all around her body,which ties her.Soon,they realize,that they're hanging in a big glass bunker with water all around it.Pigsaw says,that just one of them can escape through a window in the wall.They only have to free themselves.To escape from the cables,they need a key,that hangs on a rope in front of them.They can get the key down,if they pull the rope down.If one of the girls,pulls down the rope,the other one will be strangled for a time.They got 10 minutes to free themselves and to get outside.The girl,who can't free herself,will be covered with all the water,and dies on a electric shock.

The Piranha-Trap:Nicole and Troy are fresh married.After beeing knocked out,they wake up with their heads in two glass boxes in front of each other.The goal is to escape from the boxes.If they don't match the game,soon the boxes will fill up with water and a machine will stab in their neck,so they can still breath.After that,piranhas are comming in the boxes and eat their heads.They can only escape with the keys,which they have glued on each others behind heads.They have to cut them out with the sharp box edges.When they're free,they only have to crawl to a small tunnel,because the water will fill the whole room.

The This-Girl-Is-On-Fire-Trap:Lisa and Randy are divorced.Lisa has got the whole property of Rand,so he's homeless now.Lisa is hanging with her hands on a rope. Randy is tied with a magnet on the wall,only able to use his hands.Near him is a table with hairspray and a lighter.Pigsaw says,he can leave her alive or he can burn her to death for what she did to him.He have to do the right thing,or a wooden block will fall down to him and slays him.

The Cocktail-Bar-Trap:Beverly was always bullied by Aria.Now Aria is tied on a chair in front of a minibar,where Beverly wakes up.In front of Beverly,there are two cocktails.One healthy cocktail and one acid cocktail.She have to decide now,which one she feed to Aria and which one she drink herself.


Pigsaw Leah Jenna Aria

Trap Endings

The Bathtub-Shock-Therapy:After they both panicked,they realize,that they can both escape through that window.First,Jenna got her key and set Leah free too.Then,they crashed the window and climbed through it in the saving street.

The Piranha-Trap:Nicole and Troy were panicked,and Troy decited to cut his key off.Meanwhile Nicole tries to crash the box with her head.Troy got the key,but the lock doesn't open.Nicole has success and frees herself.After Troy asked her for help,she leave him to die and crawles into the tunnel.As she isn't able to open the grille at the end,she realizes,that she needs Troys key!She crawled back and stabbes his hand to get the key,the water holes are opened and the water is streaming out with the piranhas.Nicole reaches the grille again,she noticed a second key hole.But it was to late to cut off her key,because the piranhas are already eating the screaming couple.

The This-Girl-Is-On-Fire-Trap:After begging her ex-husband,the crying Lisa is screaming,as Randy takes the hairspray and the lighter and burns her hair.After burning plenty of body parts,he took all of the left hairspray to burn her boobs until he sees her heart.Finally,he takes the lighter and burns her heart,until blood is running out.After she is dead,the wooden block slays him,because he did the wrong thing.

The Cocktail-Trap:After Aria begged Beverly to leave her alive,Beverly is abusing Aria and then she gives her the acid cocktail.She drinks meanwhile the other one,not knowing,that that's the acid one.She dies at the moment and Aria frees herself and escaped through the now open door.


Lindsey Shaw as Leah Nixon
Miranda Cosgrove as Jenna Scodelario
Crystal Lowe as Nicole Robinson
Bradley Cooper as Troy Robinson
Zach Galifianakis as Randy Bucks
Courteney Cox as Lisa Stetton
Gia Mantegna as Aria Trevor
Erin Sanders as Beverly Muscowitz
Andrew Garfield as Raymond "Pigsaw" Kramer


Leah:Oh my God!Jennaa!Jennnaaaa!
Jenna:What's going on here? Heeelp!Anyboodyyy?
Pigsaw:-explain game instructions-
Jenna:You don't wanna kill me right?
Leah:Are you crazy? I'll never kill you!
Jenna:Me too!
Jenna:Hold on!I try to get the key!
Jenna-get the key-
Leah:Aarg -strangled-
Jenna:Ok,Ok,Ok! So,let's free you!
Leah:Hurry! We only have 5 minutes left!
Jenna:-frees her-
Leah:Okay,let's leave from this horrible place!
Leah:-crashes the window with her ellbow-
Jenna and Leah:-Escape-

Main Cast

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