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A tropical rainforest of Savage Land, with an extinct volcano in the background.

Savage Land is a tropical landscape surrounded by several extinct volcanoes deep in western Antarctica, where, despite Antarctica being cold in most places, in Savage Land, it is a warm environment due to extinct volcanos pumping out heat to the surrounding land, while producing also producing humidity, keeping the land warm and wet as if the land were in the tropics, allowing various species of plants that are descended from ones that came from Africa, Australia, and South America that were blown to Antarctica by strong winds, creating more suitable habitats for prehistoric species for millions of years. It is a tropical preserve that was once hidden from the rest of the world, until in July 3rd, 2018, when it was discovered by a group

A Savage Land landscape, again with a volcano in the background, with the grasslands being dominant, not just jungles.

of scientists who studied the land revealed it to the public in September 25th, 2018, while also shared knowledge of the species that live there, including the only non-Asian and non-North American modern non-avian dinosaurs in the world, as well as Antarctican pterosaurs, Smilodonts (saber-toothed cats), and many other species thought to be extinct for millions of years before or when early humans were a dominant species, and is now a protected sanctuary for many prehistoric species, including ones that are close to being endangered species.

Known animal species of Savage Land