Sarah in Grouchland is a 1951 American animated musical fantasy-adventure film produced by Michael Shires Productions.

Voice Cast:


  • Sarah in Grouchland - Chrous
  • A World of My Own - Sarah
  • Tardy for a Party - The White Dog
  • Ash Can Parade - Sarah and Ding-Dong
  • Wasteland Life - Twiddle and Twoddle
  • The Spirit of Grouchland - The Songbirds of Grouchland
  • I Gopher You - Brain Pillar
  • Twas the Golden Age - Clarence the Cat
  • You Can Be Next in Line - The Bad Hatter and The March Horse
  • Very Bad Advice - Sarah
  • Painting the Roses Pink - The Guard Painters
  • Pay the Toll - The Queen of Hartnett
  • Ash Can Parade (Reprise) - Sarah, Ding-Dong, The White Dog, The Bad Hatter, The March Horse, The Songbirds of Grouchland, Darlo, Darla and Frank the Flamingo
  • Sarah in Grouchland (Reprise) - Chrous


  • The Movie isn’t Well Known for The Queen of Hartnett saying “Do this by command!”.


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