Santa Claws Bloods 2" Merry Christmas Bloods is horror-thriller-slasher-movie And Second part of Santa Claws starring Kellan Lutz,Nikki Reed,Chris Hemsworth,Sean Faris,Zac Efron,Crystal Lowe,Chelan simmons,Mary Elizabeth winstead,Jordin Sparks,Logan Browning,Michael Cera,Nico Tortella and Tyler Mane.


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Kellan Lutz As Yusef Chasterson

Nikki Reed As Alana Tappan

Chris Hemsworth As Chace Chasterson

Sean Faris As Robbie 

Zac Efron As Brock

Crystal Lowe As Sara

Chelan simmons As Gwen

Mery Elizabeth winstead As Lyla

Jordin Sparks As Missie

Logan Browning As shouna

Michael Cera As Cody

Nico Torterella As Zac

Tyler Mane As Santa Claws


Zac-then decapitated and dismembered


Cody-broken neck


Lyla-stabbed in heart

Brock-stabbed in heart

Missie-Face smeared with broken Christmas spheres

Gwen-She was hit by Santa

Chace Chasterson-stabbed in the chest so you can escape yused, alana and robbie

Santa Claws-¿?¿??¿


Yusef Chasterson,Alana Tappan,robbie


after two years yusef this wool at home on a gift received by mail when it finds open in santa claws the size of hand alana when he sees the movie screams and ends

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