Santa Claws Bloods 3 Santa It's Come Back is a Horror-Slasher-Thriller Movie Starning:Nikki Reed,Shay Mitchelle,Sara Paxton,Amanda Crew,Phobe Tokkin,Ashley Tisdale,Malese jow,Selena Gomez,Spencer Locke,Lindsay Shaw,Tyler Mane,Sean Faris,Anna Faris And Kellan Lutz.


yusef can not live holy well has dreams where he kills several people the next to robbie and his girlfriend alana go to a sanatorium where this enserrado but escapes and kills the guys alana gets a hermanandad wound where his friend nikki now the fraternity will have to escape before the holy kill them


Nikki Reed As Alana Tappan

Sara Paxton As Kimberly Garcia

Amanda Crew As Claudette Tatum

Shay Mitchelle As Nikki Walther

Phobe Tokkin As Sienna

Ashley Tisdale As Merry

Malese jow As Kate

Selena Gomez As Maria

Spencer Locke As Jil

lLindsay Shaw As Teddy

Tyler Mane As Santa Claws

Sean Faris As Robbie

Anna Faris As Mrs.Haundle

Kellan Lutz As yusef Chasterson


Robbie-stabbed in the back with a hook

Yusef Chasterson-neck cut with a hunting knife

Teddy-head hit the bathroom mirror and stabbed in heart with a Christmas star

Sienna-stabbed in chest with a Christmas star

Mrs.Haundle-beheaded with a Christmas star

Nikki Walthers-stabbed in the mouth with a Christmas star

Jill-stabbed in the mouth with claws

Merry-stabbed in the face with claws

Maria-dragged into the darkness and stabbed in the face and chest with claws

Claudette Tatum-sacrifice with a firecracker to burn the house and killing santa claws

Santa Claws-burned and crushed by the burning house


Kimberly Garcia,Kate and Alana Tappan


open other two films in is the'll see alana, kimberly and kate with others


Alana Tappan

Shay Mitchell

Nikki Walther

Anna-Faris l




Sienna Davidson


Carrie Delaney


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