Santa Claws 4 Return Is A Horror Thriller Supernatural Film and 4 Part of The Saga Santa Claw Starring Nikki Reed,Sara Paxton,Malese Jow,Ashley Greene,Tyler Hoelinch,Jennifer Lawrence,Imogen Potz,Diora Baird,Alexandra Daddio,Katelyn Tarver,Kelly Goes,Matt Lanter,Ryan Hagesen,Miley Cyrus,Sam Clafin,Tyler Mane and Liam Hemsworth


the film begins when alana has a nightmare where he sees that kill all her sorority santa claws come visit kate and kim she wakes up and asks for help to them kate, kim and alana be searched but the body of the holy Directions seeking written in the grave and bring him back before the girls can escape santa kills kate with shovel it goes through the kim back and alana run and get in the car and go straight to the brotherhoods but santa 's I followed while kim alana and tell the girls not to leave until they come to the police and leave haci alana and kate

in the sorority of girls Hanna is having sex with her ​​lover Carlos on that comes your finn boyfriend and bother leaving the house enraged before reaching your car hears a noise in the bushes the approaches and amazed santa and is stabbed in both eyes after a while Hanna feels guilty and goes to find finn with Carlos hears a noise is going to see is hanna is aserca the car and sees blood she cries but carlos not hear turns and santa takes away the eyes and eats them after 5 minutes carlos arrives where finn car flips is at and is decapitated with a shovel WHILE travis will easily reach the sorority girls issac they will find their girlfriends travis matz ​​climbs to fourth but hear a noise from the attic before getting matz asks to climb up into the attic but when the cadaver of matz encuantra travis with his mouth full of Christmas spheres it is broken Somebody scream but he covers her mouth shows the heart killer



after 2 years since the death of their other friends yusef and lives as mother alana sorority with kate and kim she still has nightmares about santa kate she goes to the cemetery and sinquerer read a script and bring it to vulta now alana will have to save his life brotherhoods and the brother of chasterson


Nikki Reed As Alana Tappan/Jill Prescott

Sara Paxton As Kim Garcia

Malese Jow As Kate Hadley

Ashley Greene As Marley Grifenn

Tyler Hoelinch As Eric Sullivan

Jennifer Lawrence As Kerrie

Imogen Potz As Spencer

Diora Baird As Carly

Alexandra Daddio As Sam Winter

Katelyn Tarver As Jo Taylor

Kelly Goes As Matz

Matt Lanter As Issac

Ryan Hagesen As Travis

Miley Cyru As Hanna

Carlos Pena As Carlos

Sam Clafin As Finn

Tom himdleton As Official Cyrus

Tyler Mane As Santa Claws

Liam Hemsworth As Jimmy Chasterson


Kate-crossed by the shovel in the back

Finn-Stabbed in eyes by Claws

Hanna-Eyes Eaten

Carlos-Decapitated by Shovel

Travis-mouthful of broken Christmas spheres (Offscreen)

Matz-extraction of heart

Issac-crossed by mouth  for Christmas Orgament

Kerrie-Crossed Chest by Christmas Tree

Official Cyrus-Face Eaten

Spencer-Stabbed in Head by claws

Carly-Accidental Push in Stairs neck Broken by Marley

Santa Claws-Stabbed in Chest by Jo Stabbed in head by Sam decapitated by Alana and Burned by Marley and Kim


Alana Cullen,Kim Garcia,Marley Grifen,Eric sullivan,Jimmy Chasterson,Jo Taylor and Sam winter

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