Santa Claus is Coming to Kill is an 2013 American horror-slasher film starring Danielle Panabaker, Michelle Trachtenberg, Channing Tatum, Matthew Knight, Emma Stone, Rooney Mara, Emma Bell, Alex Pettyfer, Katelyn Tarver, Dakota Fanning, Kay Panabaker, Elle Fanning, Hayden Panetierre, Aimee Teegarden, Nico Tortorella and Zac Efron.


After a young man was killed, young woman with nightmare about Santa Claus found out Santa Claus is after her and her friends.


The Film opens with Claire and her friends Carol, Nancy, Caroline and Addison are having fun in Nancy and Addison's house in Christmas Eve until Addison hears something mysterious with Caroline both Investigates until Santa Claus gaggeds Caroline and stabs her in chest many times. Addison runs only witnessing Nancy being killed by Santa. Claire finds Addison and both are searching for Nancy until Addison was stab in back by Santa and Claire runs and finds Nancy. Before Nancy escapes she was impaled in head after Santa threw his ax on her head and her body was throw to Claire's car. Claire runs finding Carol arriving. Claire screams for help and was injured by Santa. Claire saw Carol stab in the back by Santa and Claire was hit by Santa in sleigh. Claire scream and she was have a nightmare. Claire saw one of the candie canes got blood and Claire scream.

After One Year, A Girl named Emily wakes up and stops her alarm. Emily calls her bestfriend Heather and tells her about the Christmas Massacre that happened last year. Emily with her Brunette Bestfriend Heather, Her Prankster Boyfriend Nathan, Heather's Hot Boyfriend Dylan, Wild Blonde Chick Bree, Nerdy Rebbeca, Rebbeca's Bestfriend Tyler, Horror Fanatic Allison and Emily's other friend, Caroline, Carol, Nancy, Lily, Josh, Greg and Addison.

Claire's sister, Sharon worried about Claire after she has a nightmare. Claire tell Sharon, she is fine. Sharon was not sure about Claire, if Claire is OK or not. Emily call Claire, to come at the park. Santa write a letter to found to kill them. Santa wanted Claire, Emily, Nathan, Dylan, Heather, Caroline, Rebecca, Tyler, Carol, Bree, Nancy, Sharon, Addison, Alison, Lily, Greg and Josh dead.

Claire walk to the park then she saw a christmas tree in the window in somebody's house, (A flashbacks when Claire saw a christmas tree in Nancy and Addison's house in her nightmare). She saw Santa Claus in outside of Josh's house. Josh did not know Santa is in his house because he have a christmas dinner in his house. Claire tell Emily, she go to be late. Claire did not tell Emily because of Santa. Josh saw Santa. Santa attack Josh and grab Josh. Claire saw Santa. Santa stab Josh 50 time in back. Claire shock when Josh is dead. Claire calls the police and they ask her if she saw who it was and she said no. Claire lie to the police about Josh's death. Emily saw Claire outside out of Josh's house.

Claire tell Emily, Josh is dead. Emily tell Claire, came to her sleepover and tell what happening in Josh's house. Sharon and Claire went to Emily's sleepover. Claire tell Emily, Sharon, Nathan, Dylan, Heather, Caroline, Rebecca, Tyler, Lily, Addison, Alison, Carol, Greg, Bree and Nancy about what happening to Josh. Claire tell everbody, Santa Claus kill Josh and he is after everbody. Everbody worried but Emily wanted know to she was here when Josh was killed. Claire say yes. Emily wanted everbody sleep here.

Claire wake up and take the shower. Then she saw Santa and lock the door. Claire try open the door to get out. Claire jump to get out and she end up in the jail. Claire and other people who in jail walk. Claire saw she is wear in orange jumpsuit. She saw Santa Claus. Claire try get out but Santa get her. Santa take her in the room. Santa tie her leg with the rope and tip her hand to the table. Santa put orange on Claire's mouth. Santa hold the chainsaw and went to Claire's stomach, kill her. Claire wake up from her another nightmare and scream. Claire saw Lilly get out of her bed. Santa comes up behind Lilly, she screams and runs. Claire runs outside to Lilly's house and tries to open the door, Santa then grabs Lilly and guts her and she dies. Claire gets the door open and sees Lilly dead and crys over Lilly's corpse. Santa then comes out from the closet and Claire runs upstairs with a knife, she goes in Lilly's room and locks the door, Santa tries to open the door but can't get it to open. Claire calls 911 and Santa disappears. Claire opens the door to find Santa not there and runs downstairs to the door, she opens the door and screams when she sees Sharon standing and Sharon also screams. The paramedics then take away Lilly's body and Claire goes back to bed.

Addison is alone at home and goes upstairs to her room, when she is about to go upstairs, Santa attacks her and slashes her to death. Nancy then comes home and finds Addison dead on the floor and screams. Claire turns on the news and sees Addison's death and rushes over to Nancy and Addison's house. Nancy sees Claire and runs over and hugs her, she said that when she came home she saw Addison dead on the floor and Nancy continues crying and hugging.

The next day, Emily runs up to Claire and asks her if she's okay and Claire responds yes and Emily runs to go to class. The bell rings and everybody goes to their classes, Claire gets her stuff for class and sees Santa in the hall. Santa then raises a knife and Claire runs and screams, Claire then trips and Santa comes at her with the knife, she kicks him in his leg and runs. She runs into Emily and Sharon and everybody watches Claire and Emily and Sharon asks her if she's okay and she starts crying. Claire and Sharon are then sent home for the day because of how Claire is, Claire tells Sharon that she was attacked and Sharon comforts Claire and tells her that their was no man attacking her and Claire goes to her room to sleep. Greg comes home and finds Santa standing in the living room and Santa comes at him and wraps a rope around his neck, Claire then turns on the news and finds out about Greg's death and rushes over to the crime scene. Claire asks Emily what happened and Emily says that Greg was hanged and that he must've killed himself but Claire knows that Santa did it. Sharon who is home alone watches A Nightmare on Elm Street, she then hears glass in the kitchen break and goes to check, Santa stands in the kitchen and Sharon screams and runs. Santa chases after her, Santa grabs ahold of Sharon's leg and Sharon kicks him in the face and he slashes her arm and she runs and locks her room door.

Sharon then grabs a pair of scissors and uses it as a weapon. Santa manages to unlock the door with his candy cane and Sharon stabs him in his eye and runs to the front door, Sharon opens the door, bumps into Claire and starts crying. Sharon tells Claire that she saw Santa and he attacked her so she stabbed him ands Claire goes upstairs to check along with Sharon and finds him not there. Claire runs into Allison and tells her that Santa attacked her and Sharon both, Allison says she'll stay the night in case she needs help staying alive.

At night, Claire, Sharon and Allison are sleeping in Claire's room, Santa then comes in and watches over Claire sleeping. Claire then wakes up, sees Santa and screams. Santa tries to kill her but Allison stabs him in his back with the kitchen knife she had under her pillow and tells Claire and Sharon to run. Allison is about to run but Santa snaps her neck and goes after Claire and Sharon. He tries to find them but Claire stabs him with an umbrella and runs out the house. Claire and Sharon call 911, go back in the house and find Santa gone.

Emily went to Claire's house and found out Alison is dead. Emily wanted Claire and Sharon to stay in her house. At 3:55 at morning. Claire can,t sleep, look for to watch. She watch Independence Day. Claire saw the letter, "I will kill you, Claire Flynn from Santa Claus". At 4:52am, Emily found Claire, sleep and she put stop in the movie. Emily found the letter from Santa. Emily wake Claire to see she is alive. Claire wake up and Emily tells her to go back to sleep and she does.

At school, Claire, Emily, Nathan and Sharon are walking to Claire's locker in case of Santa, Nathan says that it's stupid because Santa delivers Christmas presents not kill people and Claire says that he attacked her and Sharon and slams her locker door shut and walks away. Emily, Nathan and Sharon chase after her and Nathan says he's sorry and she forgives him. Dylan, Heather, Caroline, Rebecca, Tyler and Carol see them and tell Claire, Emily, Nathan and Sharon that Nancy left school and went home, Claire says if she said anything else and Rebecca says that she didn't say why and they rush to Nancy and Addison's house, they see the door open and go inside. They find Nancy trying to hang herself and they stop her from doing this, she says that she wants to be with Addison and that it's her fault that Addison died and Claire says it's not her fault. Claire tells them that Santa is the one killing their friends but they don't believe her. Sharon says that Santa attacked her and Claire and try killing them. Claire says that they have to watch out in case Santa comes for them. Bree that she got a letter from Santa saying that she'll die and Claire tells them no one else will die as long as they try to kill him and they comfort Nancy.

Caroline and Rebecca are at their house watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Caroline hears footsteps, she says to Rebecca if she hears that and Rebecca says she didn't hear anything and Caroline says she'll be right back. Caroline goes upstairs and sees something pass by and goes to follow it, Santa then tries to stab her but she moves in time and Caroline screams for Rebecca and Rebecca runs to the kitchen and grabs a knife and runs upstairs, Caroline fights Santa off, Santa throws her and comes at her with his candy cane and Rebecca stabs him in his back and Caroline and Rebecca run outside and Caroline calls 911. Claire gets a call from Caroline saying that she and Rebecca were attacked and she and Sharon rush to Caroline and Rebecca's house. Claire and Sharon asks Caroline and Rebecca what happened and they said that Santa attacked them but he left and Caroline and Rebecca stay at Claire and Sharon's house.

The next day, Nancy wanted Addison alive and hide the knife to kill Santa Claus for killing Addison. Carol worried abou Nancy and call Claire. Claire wanted Emily, to come with her and let Nathan, Dylan, Tyler and Heather stay with Caroline, Sharon and Rebecca. Emily and Claire run to Nancy and Addison's house. Nancy trapped Carol, to make Carol to help Nancy to kill Santa Claus for killing Addison. Emily and Claire try open the door but Nancy locks the door. Carol hear somebody walk. Carol found Santa Claus in Nancy's house. Santa stab Carol in the neck and Carol scream. Nancy hear Carol scream and run to her. Claire and Emily break the door and find Nancy and Carol. Nancy found Carol dead. Nancy screams.


  • Danielle Panabaker as Claire Flynn
  • Michelle Trachtenberg as Emily Foster
  • Channing Tatum as Nathan Parks
  • Matthew Knight as Dylan Cassidy
  • Emma Stone as Heather Thompson
  • Rooney Mara as Caroline Benson
  • Emma Bell as Rebecca Benson
  • Alex Pettyfer as Tyler Carson
  • Katelyn Tarver as Carol Nichols
  • Chelan Simmons as Bree Reynolds
  • Dakota Fanning as Nancy Dawson
  • Kay Panabaker as Sharon Flynn
  • Elle Fanning as Addison Dawson
  • Hayden Panetierre as Allison Roberts
  • Aimee Teegarden as Lily Ford
  • Nico Tortorella as Greg
  • Zac Efron as Josh


  • Danielle and Kay Panabaker both starred in the 2006 film Read It and Weep.
  • Channing Tatum and Rooney Mara both starred in the 2013 film Side Effects.
  • Michelle Trachtenberg and Hayden Panettiere both starred in the 2005 film Ice Princess
  • Hayden Panetierre, Aimee Teegarden and Nico Tortorella starred in the 2011 film, Scream 4
  • Michelle Trachtenberg and Zac Efron both starred in the 2009 film, 17 Again


  • Caroline Benson- Santa stabs Caroline in chest many times (Claire's nightmare)
  • Addison Dawson- Addison was stab in back by Santa (Claire's nightmare)
  • Nancy Dawson- Nancy was impaled in head after Santa threw his ax on her head and her body was throw to Claire's car. (Claire's nightmare)
  • Carol Nichols- Carol was stab in the back by Santa (Claire's nightmare)

Claire Flynn - She was hit by Santa in sleigh (Claire's nightmare)

  • Josh- Stabbed 50 times in back

Claire Flynn - Santa hold the chainsaw and went to Claire's stomach (Claire's nightmare)

  • Lily Ford- Gutted
  • Addison Dawson- Slashed to death
  • Greg- Hanged (Offscreen)
  • Allison Roberts- Neck snapped
  • Carol Nichols- Stabbed in neck
  • Bree Reynolds- Stab in Stomach with Candy Cane (She was stab outside the toyshop, so it is unknown what happened to her, last seen, was she was taken to hospital.)
  • Sharon Flynn- She was fall to death after Santa push her.
  • Nancy Dawson- Nancy was killed in explosion in toy shop along with Santa when Nancy put the explosion for Santa kill her sister, Addison.
  • Santa- Santa was killed in explosion in toy shop along with Nancy when she put the explosion for Santa kill her sister, Addison.



Claire, Emily, Nathan, Dylan, Heather, Caroline, Rebecca and Tyler



Caroline, Carol, Addison, Nancy and Claire did not killed by Santa, they was killed in Claire's nightmare in opening of the movie. Claire was killed in her nightmare, 2 times.




  • 107 mins
  • It will distributed by TBA.
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