Santa Claus Is Coming to Kill 3 is a sequal Santa Claus is Coming to Kill 2: The Return of Santa Claus starring Danielle Panabaker, Michelle Trachtenberg, Channing Tatum, Brittany Snow, Leah Pipes, Taylor Lautner, Alex Pettyfer, Chris Colfer, Jessica Lucas, Jennifer Lawrence, Joey King, Mackenzi Foy, Skylar Anstion, Dave Franco, Jean Luc Bilodeau, Alexandria Darradio, Tania Raymonde, Brittany Oaks, Robert Pattinson, Christian Hall, Jospeh Morgon


Claire, Emily, Nathan, Dylan, Britt, Nelson and Casey are still trying to forget what happend the last two christmas masscures. Claire has a nightmere that Santa is going to kill her, Emily, Nathan, Dylan, Britt, Nelson and Casey. Claire, Emily, Nathan, Dylan, Britt, Nelson and Casey and there new friends drive to Claire's cliffside house in Flordia for christmas. But soon they will realises that there making Santa's dirty work much better



  • Claire-Danielle Panabaker
  • Emily-Michelle Trachtenberg
  • Nathan-Channing Tatum
  • Nelson-Taylor Lautner
  • Britt-Brittany Snow
  • Dylan-Alex Pettyfer
  • Tommy-Chris Colefer
  • Joey-Skylar Astion
  • Andrea-Jessica Lucas
  • Noelle-Jennifer Lawrence
  • Haley-Joey King
  • Ashley-Mckenzi Foy
  • April-Alexandria Draddiodo
  • Casey-Leah Pipes
  • Jermmy-Dave Franco
  • Bruce-Jean-Luc Bilodeau
  • Milo-Robert Pattinson
  • Sissly-Tania Raymonde
  • Kim-Brittany Oaks
  • -Christian Hall
  • Tony-Joseph Morgon
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