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Sandys, Amigos is a 1943 American animated film and the 6th theatrically released animated feature produced by Michael Shires. It was released to theatres by Republic Pictures on July 13, 1943.


  • Don Barclay as Douglas Duck
  • Charles "Buddy" Rogers as Boofy
  • Harry E. Lang as Jakie Moarti


  • Douglas Duck was Japan
  • Kochi the Little Mail Car
  • Boofy was Japan Tree
  • Douglas Duck meet Jakie Moarti


  • Supervising Director: Joshua Meador
  • Sequence Directors: James Michaels, Robert McKimson, Gerry Chinqiuy, James Kennedy, James Howard, James Kenny
  • Story: George Get, Roy Wallace, Ray Cartwright, Ernest Peters, Tom Oliver, Mike Beck
  • Animation: Mike Klein, Walt Kennedy, Walt Richardson, Wallace Lester, Bob Johnson, Harold Foster, James Stevens, Fred Michaels, Don MacManus, Don Abrams, Hal Ambro, Volus Jones, Carlo Vinci, Dick Lundy, Hal King
  • Art Directors: Henry Huffine, Al Zimmer, Ken Armstrong, McLeonard Stewart, Yoram Patterson
  • Backgrounds: Al Davidovich, Art Rogers, Clarence Chase, Dick Anderson, Mike Core
  • Production Supervisor: Nigel Freeman
  • Story Research: Art Scott, Bob Moore, Cap Palmer
  • Art Supervisors: Mary Spargo, Doug DeGuard, John Hathcock, Ray Huffine, Ray Hellmann
  • Musical Director: Clarence Wheeler
  • Score by Eddie Kilfeather and Paul J. Steck
  • Songs by Ray Gilbert, Allie Wrubel, Eliot Daniel
  • Animation Camera: Gene Moore (uncredited)