Samurai Pizza Cats: The Musical Is An Upcoming Musical At Planet Hollywood In Las Vegas, The Showime Theater @ California's Great America & Broadway Theater in Broadway/New York City.

This Is Associated With Saban And Tatsunoko Productions Inspired By Tatsunoko's Anime TV Series.

The Las Vegas Version Will Be Presented By Farmers Insurance. The Broadway Version Will By Presented By Toyota.

The California's Great America Version Will Be Presented By Coca-Cola Zero And Will Replace On Broadway.


Josh Strickland as Speedy Cerviche

Sutton Foster as Polly Esther

Geoffery Tyler as Guido Anchovy

Andre Joran as Seymour "The Big Cheese"

Isabelle Kelly As Francine

Noel Orput as Bad Bird

Rachael Steem As Speedy's Mother

Tim Jerome As Speedy's Father

Mark Donaldson as Little Tokyo Dog

AJ Wilson As The Rude Noise


The Production Will Begin Soon with Saban, Tatsunoko, Planet Hollywood And Broadway Theater. The Music Will  Be by Jeanine Tesori And Lyrics by David Linsay-Abaire


1. Overture/On My Way To Little Tokyo (Speedy Cerviche)

2. The Band Of Ninja Crows (The Big Cheese)

3. Don't Get In My Way (Guido Anchovy)

4. Love Comes In Heart (Polly Esther)

5. The Time Will End (The Big Cheese/Ninja Crows)

6. We're Going On Our Way (Speedy Cerviche/Guido Anchovy)

7. We're In True Love (Speedy Cerviche/Polly Esther)

8. Who We Are (Speedy Cerviche/Guido Anchovy/Polly Esther)

9. The Big Cheese And The Ninja Crows Must Be Stoped (Speedy Cerviche/Guido Anchovy/Francine)

10. The Big Cheese Is Defeated (Speedy Cerviche/Polly Esther/Guido Anchovy)

11. Little Tokyo Is Finally Restored (Speedy Cerviche/Guido Anchovy/Polly Esther/Little Tokyo Chorus)

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