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Samuel Pendragon

Samuel in casual clothing

Biographical Information
Date of Birth
July 6th, 1998
Human (Wizard)
Wizard Saint (Modern World)
Holy Sword Wielder
Dragon Slayer
Instructor of the Alpha Training Corps


Physical Description
Blood Type


Owen Pendragon (Ancestor)†
Arthur Pendragon (Ancestor)†
Artoria Pendragon (Ancestor)†
Arthur "Uther" Pendragon (Ancestor)†
Jade "Artoria" Pendragon
John Pendragon (Brother)
Owen (Son)

Samuel Pendragon (サミュエル・ペンドラゴン, Samyueru pendoragon), also known as Samuel Firestone (サミュエル火石, Samyueru kaseki) is a Magi, Hunter, Detective, Mechanical-Engineer and a former teacher at Kouh Academy, and Tomaree High School for a experiment, before vanishing alongside the students of Class 1-A. Samuel is known for being the descendant to Owen Pendragon and the legendary British King, Arthur Pendragon, and also the legendary Wizard Knight, Arthur "Uther" Pendragon, as well being a legendary Wizard Saint of the Modern World. Samuel then emerged after 2 years, with almost all of the students, and enlisted into the Alpha Legion's Military. Specifically, the Alpha Training Corps.



Samuel has a striking resemblance to his ancestor, Arthur "Uther" Pendragon, with blonde hair, red eyes and fair skin.





Tomaree High School

Samuel was one of the males to be selected to attain at all-girls Tomaree High School to teach students, and was personally selected by the Australian Magic Council to investigate a strange unknown phenomenon. After a 10 day Samuel vanished with the class 1-A on March 3rd, 2022. After 2 years, Samuel appeared with his students, but is badly hurt, and taken to the hospital, along with the students. After healing, all the parents thank him deeply for keeping their child safe. Some even kissing him for his heroic deed. Soon after, he enlisted into the Alpha Legion, and pass the Alpha Training Corps with perfect scores, including academically. Being on the top 10, he declined to enter the Alpha Military Police, and became a instructor for the Alpha Training Corps.


Equipment and Weapons

  • Excalibur - The Holy Sword Excalibur was inherited by Samuel, who also placed it in the same 10x10 titaniun alloy Vault, until Jade "Artoria" Pendragon appeared, and gave it to her.
  • Caliburn - Samuel was given Caliburn by Jade to keep safe in his Vault.
  • Hikarinotsurugi - The Hikarinotsurugi (光の剣, Sword of Light) is the Sword wielded by Arthur "Uther" Pendragon, which is kept with Albion's Treasury to be used with the magic Gate of Albion.
  • Avalon - Samuel has also inherited the Immortal Scabbard of Caliburn.
  • Arthur's 1000+ Swords - Samuel has also have the collection of unique swords of the magical world that belonged to Arthur. About 500 of the swords are in displays around his house, that also has the swords name and descriptions of it also, with the other 500 in the Vault with Caliburn, and Hikarinotsurugi.
  • Durandal - Samuel stole Durandal from Xenovia, and placed it with the Albion's Treasury, and was used against the Rias and her Peerage.


  • Gate of Albion - The "Gate of Albion" is a SS-Class tier magic that allows Samuel to access to the kingdom of Albion's treasures and also its most prized weaponry, and armor.
  • Light Magic - Samuel inherited the kekkei genkai of Photokinesis or Light Magic. Samuel knows all of Arthur's most strongest spells.
  • Infinite Dragon God Slayer Magic -


  • In May, 2022, Samuel status of MIA changed, and is now listed has confirmed KIA.
  • The author used the "Kekkei Genkai" from Naruto to explain that the "Light Magic" is in their blood.
  • Samuel (/ˈsæm.juː.əl/;[2] Hebrew: שְׁמוּאֵל, Modern Shmu'el, Tiberian Šəmûʼēl; Arabic: صموئيل Ṣamuil; Greek: Σαμουήλ Samouēl; Latin: Samvel; Strong's: Shemuwel, Literal Meaning: "Name of God"), was a leader of ancient Israel in the "Books of Samuel in the Hebrew Bible, and was also known has a Prophet.
  • At some point, Samuel inherited his ancestor's Holy Sword's Caliburn, and Excalibur.
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