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Samson is a lion is Lightning McQueen's best friend and Dot's brother to teach McQueen how to drive.


Samson first meet Lightning McQueen he become best friends. Later they get his new minions Chicken Little Donkey Aladar Benny Larry and Nigel the Pelican. Samson is teaching McQueen how to race.

When days are begin McQueen begin to race faster with his 102x speed The gang cheered for McQueen for Winning the race. Later that night at The Park next on the top to Kazar's liar. McQueen Samson and his friends went to the Jungle to meet Plio a lemur. Samson says that Plio is a new friend of McQueen. McQueen is not happy about bullying he wants to race around. But Samson says to him that he will learn how to race.

McQueen tells Samson that he doesn't want to be here. He yells at everyone that he hates his friends Making Chicken Little cry. Aladar blames McQueen for upset him. Samson tells McQueen that he is apologizing. Sadly and Blamed McQueen drives away upset. Samson tells him to wait. Chicken Little yells at McQueen calling him a Loser and flys away from Samson. Samson tells his Friends Aladar Plio and Nigel to go after him. Samson runs to call McQueen his name.

Chicken Little now Angry flying away from his friends. But Nigel The Cockatoo grabs him by the throat and started captured him. Aladar Nigel and Plio run after calling his Name. Samson tells McQueen that he's upsetting everyone. His Friends tell him and McQueen that Nigel is taking Chicken Little.

So Samson and his friends to go find him While Donkey Benny And Larry went out to find him as well. As they saw the wildfire went out ablaze McQueen was the only one who could Save his friends from the blaze. He was trusting his soul and into the flecks that Kazar made and destroying the flecks.

Samson Overcharged Nigel after The cockatoo was ready to kill him.


Lightning McQueen


Kazar is seen meeting Samson for the last time after Samson attacks the Cockatoo. Kazar and Samson was having violently fight until Kazar in mind anger uses his hind legs to blow Samson's jaw. A large blade of teeth fell to the floor. Samson in his dying breath sees Kazar was ready to finish him off. Lightning McQueen came to the rescue attacked Kazar firing his blade. Samson slowly dies after he was killed by Kazar. McQueen defeated him.


Chicken Little

Nigel The Cockatoo

Doc Hudson