Samara 3d

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  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Sharri Keller, the mother of Henry and the wife of Aiden Keller
  • David Dorfman as Aidan Keller, the son of Rachel and Noah, the husband of Sharri and the father of Henry Keller
  • Naomi Watts as Rachel Keller, the mother of Aiden, the mother in law of Sharri and the grandmother Henry Keller
  • Mason Cook as Henry Keller, the son of Sharri and Aiden
  • Lindsay Frost as Ruth, the sister of Rachel and the aunt of Aiden And the aunt in law of Sharri
  • Martin Henderson As Noah Clay, the boyfriend of Rachel and the father of aiden and the father in law Sharri and the Grandfather of henry
  • Madeleine Stowe As Doctor Kelly Anderson, the mother of Sharri
  • Johnny Simmons as Henry Keller, now older
  • Kelly Stables as Samara


Aidan and Sharri and Rachel and Henry Move Back To Seattle

Noah Clay: Sharri Aidan Hey there my grandson
Henry Keller: Grandfather
Aidan Keller:Dad have you met Sharri my wife and my son
Sharri Keller:hi im Sharri the wife of aidan and the mother of henry

Samara's Back with the tape

  • Aidan Keller:Sharri I package came for us
  • Sharri Keller:whos it from
  • Aidan Keller:Samara (Flashback) AGHHHHHHHHHH it from her aghhhhhhhh she tormented my life babe
  • Sharri Keller:Calm down aidan hun
  • Rachel Keller:Aidan sharri what wrong
  • Aidan Keller:Mom she back with the tape
  • Rachel Keller:fuck fuck fuck I knew it she would of come back and now she after aidan and sharri not on my watch
  • Aidan Keller:Dad Do you remember that time when we killed her
  • Noah Clay:of couse son why
  • Aidan Because samara is back to kill henry my fucking kid dad
  • Noah Clay:oh no I though I killed aswell even sharri and Rachel

Sharri watches the tape

Ruth talks to Rachel and Sharri

Sharri pregnant with Aidan second child

Kelly talks to her daughter

Aidan and Sharri See their son watching the tape

Aidan Keller:That Noise I know that sound I watched that tape while I was little
Sharri Keller:Aidan hold me I wanna come with you and find that noise. (they see Henry watching the tape)

Sharri Talks to Henry about the tape while they find samara with noah

Sharri Keller: Honey, the house you drew for me...
Henry Keller: Uh huh.
Sharri Keller: Where did you see it? Did you see it in your head? Is that why you drew it?
Henry Keller: In my head?
Sharri Keller: Henry, why did you draw that house?
Henry Keller: 'Cause she told me to.
Sharri Keller: Who? Who told you to?
Henry Keller: Samara
Aiden Keller:where did you hear that name henry tell daddy
Henry Keller: I hear you and mommy saying you two drop me off the school
Aidan Keller: Oh did you hear that form mommy and daddy were sorry honey

Noah and Aidan And Sharri

The Eeries

Samara Returns in the tv

Henry Keller 18 Birthday

Aidan Keller:happy birthday son
Henry Keller:Thank Dad im 18 now

Sharri and Aiden Kiss

Samara Rebirths

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