Samael (Earth-8040)
Titles & Aliases
 Real Name Samael
 Current Alias Archangel of Death
 Aliases Poison of God, Venom of God, Blindness of God, Saviour of Mankind, Archangel of Destruction
 Editorial Names
 Relatives Twelve Archangels Template:Siblings, Angels Template:Younger Siblings
 Base of Operation Fifth Heaven
 Identity Secret
 Marital Status Single
 Occupation Archangel of Death & Destruction
 Gender Male
 Eye Color Gold
 Fur Color
 Hair Color Blond
 Unusual Features
 Origin Archangel, Archangel of Death
 Universe Earth-8040
 Place of Birth Unknown
 Creators AtlantisUchiha
First Appearance


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Samael (Hebrew: סַמָּאֵל‬, "Venom of God" or "Poison of God", or "Blindness of God" Samael or Samil) is an Archangel of Death alongside Azrael. Samael as been shown to embody evil and good of humanity, being the accuser, seducer and the destroyer. But, is viewed as the savior of mankind, and the guardian angel of both men and women, child, and elderly. He is also the gaurdian angel of Esau and one of the four patron deities of Edom.

Samuel appears in Talmudic texts as a member of the Heavenly Host, being the Archangel of Destruction. However, he's main role within Jewish folklore is that being the Archangel of Death with Azrael. Despite that he condons mankind to evil greed, and corruption, he still remains as God's every loyal servant. Samael is also the chief angel of the Fifth Heaven.

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