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Safed (film) Action Sports-Martial Arts film between Liorky Aguilar & Darrel Swaby.


  • Darrel Swaby as Austin Harell; Ex-CIA agent and rival fighter of Jared.
  • Liorky Aguilar as Jared 'J" Davies; ex-FBI agent and rival fighter of Austin.
  • Robier Juardines as Corey Harell; widower brother of Austin.
  • Ernesto Laurance Peaz as John The Master; trainer of Austin.
  • Jesus Pino as Nate The Master; trainer of Jared.
  • Oliver Swaby as Harvey
  • Jordan 'J.J' McLean as Cody
  • Yenis Molina Ortiz as Auntie Giselle