Sacramento Jungle is an American sci-fi dystopian speculative evolution action adventure live-action film directed by Steven Spielberg and distributed by Sony Pictures. It was released on November 18th, 2016 due to the popularity and success of the game with a same name. It is also based on Sacramento Jungle game.


In 30 years after people disappeared, many species and beings have struggled and try to adapt to a world without people. The main character (protagonist) named Macey, who is a poodle, is also trying to survive in this dog eat dog world. She has to survive in a world where native wildlife (black bears, coyotes, gray wolves, bobcats, mule deer, etc), nonnative wildlife (lions, baboons, elephants, giraffes, tapirs, camels, hippos, rhinos, etc), prehistoric wildlife (dinosaurs, pterosaurs, mammoths, etc), and former fictional species and beings (vampires, Elecman.EXEs, Bass.EXEs, Jurassic Park/World raptors, night furies, shagrats, snowstalkers, nightstalkers, rabbucks, etc) thrive in this hostile world. Will she even make it through this harsh land?


(note: the only cast members are the ones with their characters that can talk)

  • Scarlett Johannson as the voice of Macey the poodle's minds
  • Tobey Miguire as the voice of a male cheetah robot
  • Sarah Michele Gellar as the voice of a female cheetah robot
  • Dylan Hooton as a live-acted stray dylanus named Mark
  • Bill Murray as the voice of a stray dylanus named Mark
  • James Franco as the voice of Elecman.EXE clones
  • Johny Depp as the voice of Bass.EXE clones
  • Shia LaBeouf as the voice of Plantman.EXE clones
  • Tyrese Gibson as the voice of Dark Protoman.EXE clones
  • Andrew Garfield as the voice of Dark Megaman.EXE clones
  • Vin Diesel as the voice of Snakeman clones
  • Tom Hanks as the voice of Protoman clones
  • Adam Sandler as the voice of Megaman clones
  • Brendan Fraser as the voice of Gutsman clones
  • Peter D. Badalamenti as the live-acted neanderthal named Rokasha
  • Christipher Walkens as the voice of the neanderthal named Rokasha
  • Frank Welker as the roaring and growling sounds of Gutsman.EXE clones


This film recieved about 83% of the positive reviews from people, praising the film for its special effects, modern animals (for most animals in most scenes of the movie) being trained very well, realistic cgi animals and beings (prehistoric, fictional, and modern animals in many scenes), etc, it has became a huge success, with a possible sequel comming soon to theaters in the future.

Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)

Rated PG-13 for sequences of action violence, some mild rude humor, and some sexual material

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