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Sacks of the Mountain 2: Born to Rescue is a 2002 Sequel to Sacks of The Mountain.


Ernest gets the position as leader of the Mountain Sacker Dogs When Commander Figtree retires, with his Son Larry Being a Member, But Being Both a Dad and A Leader is Hard for him.

Voice Cast

  • Samuel West as Ernest
  • David Herman as Larry
  • Tara Strong as Maggie the Little Ghost
  • Maurice LaMarche and Fred Tatasciore as Jinxy and Rinxy
  • Matt Berry as Casey the Dalmatian
  • Tress MacNielle as Ketta
  • Kath Soucie as Lisa
  • Grey DeLisle as Lisa’s Mom
  • Jeff Bergman as Lisa’s Dad
  • June Foray as Lisa’s Grandma
  • Jim Cummings as Commander Figtree


  • Figtree’s Owner doesn’t appear in the film.