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A male Sabermaster with his invocatron

Sabermaster - one of the Neobionts from the Neobiontomania.

Profile on computer

  • Type: Metal
  • Character: Neutral
  • Height: approx. 2.15 m
  • Human Origin: No.
  • Sapient: yes
  • Systematics: Protozoan
  • Body Type: Armored Humanoid / Knight
  • Abilities: Strength, endurance, increased resistance to hot and cold, fencing skills, horn extension
  • Natural weapons: sabers, horn


Strongly built, he looks like a knight with a long, curved, flattened side horn. He can make sabers for himself (usually up to two, as it is quite a tiring process). There is a chain cape on his back (it is part of his body, it grows and can regenerate, but he does not feel pain). Probably descended from a single-cell colony that mutated into Saber-makers in a mysterious cataclysm.


Courageous, faithful, intelligent and kind, although some are quite jovial.


A civilized being, so mainly cities (sometimes they also establish villages).


Very strong and tough, he can, for example, ram his opponents with a horn on his head. He fights well in hand-to-hand combat. The fact that it is made of organic metal also gives it a fairly high resistance to fire and ice.


Sensitive to acids, electricity and plasma.


As omnivorous as humans (for the supplement has very low nutritional requirements).

Known examples

  • Wendell's Sabermaster
  • Dwayne's Sabermaster

Translation to the another languages

  • English: Sabermaster
  • German: der Säbelmeister
  • Polish: Szablomistrz