Short Information

This cartoon is based Of Sonic Underground

You See All The Smashers like In The Game Butt All Villain Of The Game And There Have Take Over Mobius

List Of Episodes

  1. Beginnings** - Someday
  2. Getting to Know You** - Working Together In Harmony
  3. Harmony or Something** - We're All In This Together
  4. Wedding Bell Blues - When Tomorrow Comes
  5. To Catch a Queen - Have You Got The 411?
  6. Mobodoon - I Found My Home
  7. The Price of Freedom - Money Can't Buy
  8. Underground Masquerade - Let The Good Times Roll
  9. Tangled Webs - The Children Light The Way
  10. The Deepest Fear - Face Your Fear
  11. Who Do You Think You Are? - We Need To Be Free
  12. The Last Resort - Listen To Your Heart
  13. Come Out Wherever You Are - Society Girl
  14. Winner Fakes All - Built For Speed
  15. A Hedgehog's Home is Her Castle - Let's Do It To It
  16. Artifact - You Can't Own Everything
  17. Bug! - Never Give Up
  18. Sonic Tonic - (I Wish I Was) The Fastest Thing Alive
  19. Friend or Foe - Not Always What They Seem
  20. Head Games - Take A Chance
  21. When in Rome - Where There's A Will, There's A Way
  22. The Jewel in the Crown - The Cosmic Dance
  23. Three Hedgehogs and a Baby - Being A Kid Is Cool
  24. Dunesday - True Blue Friend
  25. Mummy Dearest - We Are Sonic Underground (Egyptian version)
  26. The Hedgehog in the Iron Mask - Part Of The Problem
  27. Six is a Crowd - I Can Do That For You
  28. Flying Fortress* - No One Is An Island
  29. No Hedgehog is an Island* - Learn To Overcome
  30. New Echidna in Town* - The Mobius Stomp
  31. Country Crisis - How You Play The Game
  32. Haircraft in Space - Don't Be A Backstabber
  33. Healer - We're The Sonic Underground (Rock version)
  34. Sonia's Choice - Never Easy
  35. The Big Melt - Fun In The Sun
  36. Sleepers - Have It All Again
  37. Bartleby the Prisoner - Justice Callin'
  38. The Art of Destruction - The Sound Of Freedom
  39. The Pendant - Liberty's Gonna Rock
  40. Virtual Danger - Don't Let Your Guard Down
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