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Chronological and political information
  • Human-Covenant War era
  • United Nations Space Corps (early in-war)
  • UNSC and Covenant Seperatists (around the time of Halo 3)
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SPARTAN-984 is a third batch SPARTAN-II supersoldier. 984 has a special shield animation: he goes into a kneeling position while the Halo 3 shield appears around him, but starts to crackle. If 984 stays in shield too long, his armor will beep to alert the player, and will be temporarily stunned if the shield runs out of power.

Character Descripton

984 was created as part of the third batch of SPARTAN-II Supersoldiers. He went against his parents' will. He eventually proved to be a sufficient fighter, so much that he was invited to the World of Trophies to participate in the Smash Wars tournament. 984 knows he's not invincible, knows that he can be defeated if his head isn't in the game, and he knows that if he's gonna die, he'll give the enemy one hell of a fight before he goes to Valhalla, or take the enemy with him, and send them to Hell itself.



  • Neutral attack - As standard, two-punch then high kick.
  • Dash attack - Charges with fist protruded outward.
  • Strong Down - Smashes the ground, making the short distance around it vibrate.
  • Strong Side - Powerful high kick. Slow, but if it hits it hurts like hell.
  • Strong Up - Jumps a short distance, then kicks up.


  • Side Smash - Punches six times extremely fast.
  • Down Smash - Charges up a powerful punch and delivers it onto anyone who dares approach him.
  • Up Smash - Flips and kicks up extremely fast.
  • Ledge attack - Punches target.
  • 100% Ledge attack - Gets up, kicks target, and flips back into standing position.
  • Floor attack - Spins around, tripping anyone that comes into contact.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial - Kicks nearest target.
  • Forward Aerial - Charges forward.
  • Back Aerial - Flips backwards with foot extended.
  • Up Aerial - Flips up and kicks target. If done in proximity to the ground, 984 will launch himself off the ground and into the air.
  • Down Aerial - Flies into the ground with fist extended. Craters ground upon impact if applicable.

Grabs & Throws

  • Pummel - Punches enemy in face, sending them away to the side. The downside is that only one Pummel can be performed.
  • Forward Throw - Kicks target away.
  • Back Throw - Backflips and launches opponent in other direction.
  • Up Throw - Picks up enemy, and tosses them into the air.
  • Down Throw - Throws opponent down on the ground, cratering it. If it's done at the correct moment, a curbstomp can be added to this.

Special Moves

Standard Special Move = Plasma Pistol Charge (When first used, charges a Plasma Pistol. Use again to send an overcharged shot streaming sideways)

Side Special Move = SPARTAN Laser (Takes out a SPARTAN Laser and fires it, busting through anything destroyable. It takes three seconds to charge though)

Up Special Move = Aerial Plasma Grenades (Throws plasma grenades in the air)

Down Special Move = Shield Flare (Flares his armor's shields, doing no damage, but knocking back and stunning any enemy hit and dealing 5% damage to himself)

Final Smash = HEV Pod Storm (Sends down HEV Pods all over the place. If it hits a destroyable object, like a tower on Shadow Moses Island, it destroys it instantly and players take damage if they get hit with an HEV pod. If a HEV Pod lands on stage, it disappears shortly after: it cannot be picked up and used as an item like Snake's grenades, and no ODSTs come out)

Final Smash #2 = MAC Round (984 performs his smash taunt and calls for MAC assistance, but the request is accepted and following that a single small MAC round batters the arena, dealing heavy damage to everyone, one-hit-KOing anyone in the blast radius, and destroying all breakable objects. The MAC round combined with HEV Storm can throw HEVs in the air allowing them to be used again as projectiles. The impact will also cause shellshock for all players temporarily)

Final Smash #3 = NOVA Bomb (984 reveals a large package from his pocket: it turns out to be an ultra-powerful NOVA Bomb. Shortly afterwards, the gargantuan explosion instant-KOs everyone in the arena. This includes other players, Pokemon, Assist Trophies, and 984 himself)

Special Movements

Clapping Pose

Claps for a few seconds, then steps into his HEV pod.


Up Taunt-Cracks his knuckles.

Side-Reloads his Assault Rifle

Down-Racks his Shotgun loudly.

Smash Taunt-Asks for MAC support: the request is denied.

Transcript: "This is Sierra Nine Eight Four, requesting MAC strike at these co-ordinates." "Negative Sierra Nine Eight Four."

Victory Pose

Victory Theme: Halo Theme MJOLNIR Mix
  • Says "Sierra Nine Eight Four reporting in, tangoes eliminated. Awaiting further instruction."
  • Racks his Shotgun and fires it in a 21-gun salute.
  • Says "Objectives completed. Requesting pick-up."

On-Screen Appearance

An HEV pod slams into the ground and blows open, revealing 984.

Wii Remote Choice

Says, "Time to show them what SPARTANs are made of."

Animation is either 984 loading his Silenced SMG or racking his Shotgun.

Credits Music

  • Painkiller - Judas Priest

Alternate Costumes

984's alternate costumes affect the color of his armor, as well as the Armor Permutations he has.

Uniform/Armor Changes

Mark IV Armor

Mark V Armor

Mark VI Armor




Hayabusa Powered Armor

Hayabusa/Katana Armor (requires completion of Subspace Emissary)

Mark V Security


Mark VI Rogue

Mark VI Recon(Requires completion of EM92: Smashfall)

Bungie Armor (Flaming Helmet Recon) (Requires completion of EM92: Smashfall on Hard without losing a life)

Mark VI Scout

ODST Body Suit

ODST Close Quarters Suit

ODST Sharpshooter Suit

ODST Recon Suit

SPI Armor

Mark V[B]

Mark IV Grenadier

Mark V[B] Commando

Mark V[B] CQC

Mark V[B] CQB

Mark V[B] EVA

Mark V[B] Military Police

Mark V[B] EOD

Mark V[B] Scout

Mark V[B] Recon (Finish EM92: Smashfall)


Mark V[B] AA

Mark V[B] Operator

Mark V[B] JFO

Mark V[B] w/Pilot Helmet

Mark V[B] w/Haunted Pilot Helmet

Mark V[B] Gungnir

Mark V[B] ODST

Color Changes











Active Camouflage


Urban Camouflage

Desert Camouflage


Snake's Codec Conversation

Otacon: What is it this time Snake?

Snake: I'm fighting this guy, he's decked in full body armor (except for his hands [this part only happens if 984 is wearing the Body Suit]).

Otacon: He appears to be wearing MJOLNIR Assault Armor/a modified ODST Body Suit.

Snake: What?

Otacon: This person is SPARTAN-984, part of the third batch of genetically altered SPARTAN-II supersoldiers. The MJOLNIR armor was created for them ([this happens if 984 is wearing the Body Suit] but he appears to be wearing a modified ODST Body Suit, designed for the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers of the UNSC. He apparently modified it with an energy shield generator to protect himself in combat.), and was engineered to augment the SPARTANs further than possible. They allow them to lift chainguns, and the shield generators prevent them from being damaged-but only for a short while.

Snake: (Either conversation) So he's wearing armor that has shielding. Interesting.

Otacon: Don't forget that he's a supersoldier too. He is very dangerous, although he does not have nanotech.

Snake: I'll make this guy's armor crack open.

Kratos' Tips from Gaia

Gaia: This SPARTAN-984 appears to be wearing experimental armor. Though it may be the armor that gives him his power, it may also be something else that is a part of him. Either way, he has an impressive variety of weapons and moves, Kratos. But he isn't invincible. He has a weak point. Find it and you will be able to defeat him, Ghost of Sparta.

984's Intelligence

984: Wait a second... this guy looks familiar, he's exactly like me!

Jacobs: What in the hell? You're fighting yourself? That's impossible!

984: He could be an impostor... besides, in this tournament, you never know who you'll be fighting or where they'll be coming from.

Jacobs: Alright then. Remember, you're exactly the same as him, and he has the same chinks in his armor that you do. You should be able to whip this guy no problem.

984: Provided he doesn't whip me first... remember, he's the same as me, he could be listening to this.

Finishing Moves

Finishing Move 1-If done correctly, 984 leaps onto the opponent, slices their back with an Energy Sword, and then fires a Silenced SMG clip into it.

Finishing Move 2-If done correctly, 984 will pick up the opponent and throw them into the air, then kick them and curb stomp them.

Zorm Final Form-If done correctly, a cutscene will appear in which 984 will be killed by Zorm, but will suddenly be revived by the characters and gain white Recon armor with a jetpack with metal wings. He will then charge his shields and fly into Zorm, busting through him, before taking out dual Energy Swords and dicing him. Zorm taunts 984, and then his fist turns red and enlargens, and he winds up and throws a catastrophic punch that makes a huge explosion. 984 then lands on the ground with one hand parkour-style, while Zorm falls in the background.

Character Quest Ending

984 walked up to the revived Tartarus, who was had fallen down. He tried to crawl away, but 984 stepped on his back, holding him in place. 984 told Tartarus of the pain he had caused. The lives he had destroyed in the name of The Convenant. 984 pulled out his gun, and put it to Tartarus's head. He took one heavy breath... then he blew the alien's brains out.

Later, 984 left the dead alien there, and thought about everything he had done. At first, hfe felt guilt. Then he felt proud. Many years of war had just ended because of him. And yet... Master Chief's death... it left him feeling empty inside. This victory came with a great cost...