Scream 4 - Generations is a 2011 movie and a remake of Scream 4. It stars David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, Nico Tortorella, Hayden Pannetierre, Anthony Anderson, Alison Brie, Adam Brody, Mary Mcdonell, Marley Shelton, Rory Culkin, Marielle Jaffe, Erik Knudsen, Emma Roberts, Brittany Robertson, Aimee Teegarden, Jenna Uschkowitz and Drew Barrymore. (It features same cast with a few changes as well as my own story. Deal with it.)


The film begans like it usually does, the phone rings and Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts) answers. Ghostface replies, making her hang up and go back to watching a movie with her best friend, Olivia. (Marielle Jaffe) Another call comes in and they assume it's their friend until the call gets real intense. Olivia goes to the kitchen as Jill answers again and the window breaks, scaring Olivia. They both check outside and are attacked, Olivia getting gutted on the spot. Jill runs back inside and ghostface chases her. He stabs her, knocks her down the stairs, then gets rope and ties a noose around her neck and hangs her from the fan. He then slashes her throat as the titles appear.

Trevor Riley (Nico Tortorella) is finishing a paper due the next day when he hears a noise at his window. He opens it and looks out just to be scared by his ex, Jenny Randall. (Aimee Teegarden) She explains about how they need to be together, which he reminds her that she dumped him. His stepfather, Dewey, (David Arquette) walks in and tells Jenny she needs to leave and Trevor that he needs to go to bed.

The next morning, he is picked up by his best friends, Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere) and Robbie Mercer. (Erik Knudsen) They go drive to their school and notice that Jill and Olivia never showed up.

Sidney Presscott (Neve Campbell) pulls up to a bookstore with Becca (Alison Brie) where she's promoting her new book, but it's interrupted by Dewey, who tells her Jill's been murdered. She is brought to the police station where Kate (Mary Mcdonell) is grieving. She then blames Sidney for the deaths.

Trevor bumps into Gina (Jenna Uschowitz) and they get into an argument. A mass text is sent, showing everyone pictures of Jill and Olivia's bodies. Trevor leaves the school but is stopped by Kirby, Robbie and Charlie, (Rory Culkin) who comfort him. They decide to meet at Kirby's later.

Sidney meets Dewey and Gale and they discuss the two girls getting killed, which Gale questions. Dewey think's it's an isolated incident, but Sidney says it happened before she came. They are interupted by Judy Hicks. (Marley Shelton)

Robbie arrives at Kirby's, where Trevor already is, and they go over some movies to watch. Trevor doesn't think watching a scary movie is a good idea, but Kirby denies and plays Stab 6. Right when the movie starts, Trevor's phone rings. He sees the caller ID and it's Jill's phone. The three hear a crash upstairs and Trevor checks it out as Robbie calls Dewey. Dewey, Gale and Sidney get in a car and drive to Kirby's.

Trevor has finished checking around the upstairs and is attacked, Ghostface slashing his arm and pushing him down the stairs. Ghostface runs down to stab him again, but Kirby smashes a vase over his head, Robbie helping Trevor up. The door opens and Sidney runs in, fighting Ghostface as the teens get away to Gale as Dewey goes and helps Sidney. He gets in to see the killer got away and Sidney on the ground.

Becca visits Sidney, who fires her for being cruel and Becca storms to her hotel. She gets a call and is attacked, getting pushed over the balcony. She lands in the pool and hurry's to her car. Before she gets there, she is pushed down and her head is slammed against the gravel.

Charlie tells Robbie the STAB-A-THON is still on, leaving Robbie angry and he assumes he's the killer after he wasn't at Kirby's. Robbie walks to his locker and gets a call. He gets dragged into the bathroom and almost killed by ghostface, who cuts his leg. Robbie escapes.

Judy is trying to figure out who the killer is when she gets a call from the hotel and she goes out with Ross (Adam Brody) and Anthony (Anthony Anderson) and they investigate, finding Becca's body.

Sidney grieves as Trevor asks Gale and Dewey if he can go to STAB-A-THON. They decline and tell him the killer could find him. He goes upstairs and calls Kirby, sneaking out his window. Kirby, Robbie and Trevor get to the party and Robbie helps Charlie introduce everything. Sindey discovers Trevor is gone and takes Hoss and Perkins to find him at the party.

While Charlie is getting a drink, he sees a figure moving on the second floor and checks it out to find a camera. He flips the screen to see Ghostface behind him. He is killed.

While searching around the party, Sidney comes across Kate, who pulls a gun on her. Sidney screams at Kate as Ghostface jumps from the second floor of the barn and tackles Kate down. He kills her, going back inside.

Trevor, Jenny and Gina notice blood dripping and Gina finds Charlie's body. Ghostface pushes her over the edge, then slamming Jenny's head into the ladder. Trevor fights the killer, then runs outside, alerting people of the killer's presence. As everyone runs, Sidney sees ghostface killing random kids out of rage, as well as Perkins, and then leaves.

Trevor finds Kirby and Marnie. (Brittany Robertson) Kirby tells Marnie to find help and they head back to the barn to find Robbie, Gina and Jenny. They find Jenny and Robbie tied to chairs and Kirby is called. She is forced to answer questions or they die. Before she can answer the first question, Sidney appears and tackles the killer down. Trevor and Kirby untie their friends, only for Jenny to pull out a knife and stab Kirby. The other ghostface is unmasked as Kate, who reveals how she hated her sister so much.

Kate pushes Sidney off of her and pulls out her gun and shoots Sidney in the head. Kate points the gun at Trevor and Robbie and tells them their plan, when Trevor kicks her, getting tackled by Jenny. A fight rages on until Trevor kills Kate and Jenny disappears.

Trevor and Robbie get a ride from Hicks back to the Riley house, where Gale and Dewey are tied up inside, both dead. Hicks pulls out her gun, but Jenny threatens her and makes her drop her gun. Jenny then shoots her. Trevor is in tears as she raises the gun to shoot Robbie, before she is hit in the back of the head by Marnie. Jenny ends up tackling Trevor and they both fall out a window. They fight more until Kirby and Gina, both alive, appear and throw her off him. Marnie comes up with a pitchfork and stabs Jenny in the stomach. The group walk to the frontyard as police officers arrive. Trevor's phone rings and the group exchange glances when Trevor answers and puts it on speaker.


David Arquette as Dewey Riley; The sheriff of Woodsboro who is married to Gale and adopted Trevor after his parents were murdered a few years before.

Neve Campbell as Sidney Presscott; The sole survivor of the first trillogy. Returning to Woodsboro for a book signing only to find out her cousin's been murdered.

Courtney Cox as Gale Riley; Dewey's loving wife and step mom to Trevor. She wants to help Dewey and Sidney find the killer.

Nico Tortorella as Trevor Riley; Adopted by Gale and Dewey, he is seen as Sidney 2.0. Best friends with Kirby and Robbie and ex-boyfriend of Jill and Jenny.

Hayden Pannetierre as Kirby Reed; Trevor and Robbie's, formerly Jill and Olivia's, sassy best friend who enjoys horror movies and is seen as Tatum 2.0. Charlie seems to like her, but she has her eyes on Trevor.

Anthony Anderson as Officer Anthony Perkins; One of Dewey's deputy officers who goofs off and acts like a child. He loves poking fun with his partner.

Alison Brie as Becca; Sidney's self centered publicist who uses Sidney for Money. She shows no concern for other people's feelings and shows no reaction to Jill's death.

Adam Brody as Ross Hoss; Dewey's deputy who wants everything in control. He catches the eye of Sidney and his partner keeps pushing him to it.

Mary Mcdonell as Kate Roberts; Sidney's aunt and Jill's mother who treats Sidney awful after the deaths, but she is revealed to be the killer all along.

Marley Shelton as Judy Hicks; Dewey's right hand man, (Or woman) who wants to solve the case before it's too late.

Rory Culkin as Charlie; A movie nerd who crushes on Kirby. He is seen as a primary suspect until it is too late.

Marielle Jaffe as Olivia; Jill's best friend, very diva-ish and rude and obviously doesn't think before speaking. She is Steve 2.0.

Erik Knudsen as Robbie Mercer; Trevor and Kirby's gay best friend who was a suspect. After almost being killed, he is revealed to be innocent and to have a crush on Charlie. He is Randy 2.0.

Emma Roberts as Jill Roberts; Sidney's cruel cousin who despises her and wants fame for herself. She was shown in the trailers to be Sidney 2.0 but she is revealed as Casey 2.0.

Brittany Robertson as Marnie Cooper; Jenny's best friend, smart and pretty and did not like Jill or Olivia. She feels betrayed when Jenny is shown as the killer and ends up killing her own best friend.

Aimee Teegarden as Jenny Randall; A psycho ex-girlfriend of Trevor who is best friends with Marnie. She is a typical Blonde and is Billy 2.0.

Jenna Uschkowitz as Gina; A stuck up reporter for Woodsboro high who acts like Gale and annoys Trevor. Gale 2.0.

Drew Barrymore as Casey Becker. (Cameo)


Olivia - After the window is broken, Jill and Olivia go outside to see who broke it. Olivia is attacked from behind and stabbed in the stomach. The killer then rips her stomach open and her guts fall out, Jill screaming as she watched.

Jill - Jill runs inside when Olivia is killed, but the killer follows. She hides in a closet and hears him go by and she bursts out and to the stairs, but he stabs her in the back. He then pushes her down the stairs, where she crashes through the railing. The killer hangs a noose over the fan and places her head in it. He then slashes her throat.

Becca - In her hotel room, Ghostface poses as room service and attacks Becca, stabbing her in the stomach. Becca kicks him away and he throws her over the balcony. She splashes in the pool, where she swims to safety, then runs to her car. She is shoved down and her head is smashed into the cement 10 times.

Charlie - Charlie finds a camera at the party, where he flips the screen over so he sees himself. Ghostface appears behind him and his throat is seen to be slashes, blood splattering on the camera.

Five Teenagers - Stabbed/slashed throat, chest and throats.

Anthony Perkins - While trying to protect the kids, Ghostface grabs him by the throat and stabs him in the head.

Sidney Presscott - Kate reveals herself as the second killer and pushes Sidney off her, then shooting her in the head.

Kate Roberts - After a fight between Jenny and Kate and Robbie and Trevor, Trevor gets Kate's gun, Jenny fleeing from the scene as Kate is shot in her neck.

Dewey and Gale Riley - As revenge, Jenny goes back to Trevor's house and attacks Gale and Dewey. She then shoots them both through their temples as a reminder of what happened to his real parents.

Judy Hicks - She finds Gale and Dewey with Trevor and Robbie. Jenny makes her drop her gun, then shoots her in the chest twice.

Jenny Randall - Marnie attacks Jenny from behind with a vase, then pushes her down. She knocks him down and tries strangling him, but Robbie comes up and stabs her with her own knife. She pushes Robbie away and Trevor knocks her onto the glass table. She runs to him and they both break the window and fall. She gets onto him again and pulls out her knife and slowly sinks it into his skin. However, Kirby and Gina are revealed to be alive and grab her arms and slam her against the shed. Jenny is about to shoot them, but Marnie comes to their rescue with a pitchfork and stabs her in the stomach.


Trevor Riley

Robbie Mercer

Kirby Reed

Ross Hoss

Marnie Cooper



Jill and Olivia

  • Jill hangs up the phone.
  • (JILL) Jesus, Robbie is still flirting. Ghostface style this time.
  • Olivia laughs and throws popcorn at her.
  • (OLIVIA) Hey, better you than me. I am over him crushin' on me.
  • (JILL) I have enough problems. Also, I'm pretty sure he's using us as a cover up.
  • Olivia looks at Jill, seriousness in her eyes.
  • (OLIVIA) You think Robbie Mercer is... gay?
  • Jill nods. Olivia gasps, then...
  • (OLIVIA) We have to take him shopping with us!
  • (JILL) No!
  • Olivia gasps again and stares at Jill.
  • (OLIVIA) What if him and Trevor are, like... you know... a thing.
  • (JILL) Shut up!
  • The girls laugh as they throw popcorn at each other.
  • (OLIVIA) Come on, they're so cute together! They are officially a couple to me!
  • (JILL) Ah, so glad you're here. Tomorrow is when my bitch of a cousin arrives for a week.
  • (OLIVIA) I ain't coming over.
  • (JILL) Don't leave me alone to die!
  • Jill's phone rings. Olivia takes it.
  • (OLIVIA) Robbie, we already know it's you. We also know you and Trevor are fuck buddies.
  • Jill holds back a laugh.
  • (GHOSTFACE) I'm not Robbie.
  • (OLIVIA) Nice impression. But, very lame.

Kirby's Car

  • Trevor walks out the door, Gale and Dewey watching as Kirby pulls up.
  • (DEWEY) Bye, Trevor.
  • (GALE) Have a good day, hun!
  • (TREVOR) Bye, Dewey. Bye, Gale.
  • Gale sighs.
  • (GALE) He's been with us for a few years now. He should call us Mom and Dad.
  • Trevor gets in Kirby's car, Robbie in the back seat.
  • (KIRBY) Okay, Jill called me last night.
  • (TREVOR) What did she want this time?
  • (KIRBY) You. She used that stupid ghostface app and wanted to find you.
  • (TREVOR) Weird.
  • (ROBBIE) Olivia called me. Same thing happened. I thought she was going to admit her feelings.
  • Trevor and Kirby look to each other, laughing.
  • (TREVOR) Rob, you can cut the straight act with us. You sound so damn stupid when we already know.
  • (ROBBIE) Love you, too, Trevor.
  • Kirby parks her car and the three get out. Kirby crosses her arms.
  • (KIRBY) Strange...
  • (ROBBIE) What is it, Kirby? Do you have feelings for me?
  • (KIRBY) Shut up, Robbie. Jill and Olivia are usually at the water fountain by this time.
  • Trevor rolls his eyes and leads the other two to the school.
  • (TREVOR) What ever.

The Three

  • Gale, Sidney and Dewey meet at the police station in Dewey's office.
  • (SIDNEY) My aunt really is pissed off. I mean, it's like when my mom died.
  • (GALE) None of those murders were your fault.
  • (DEWEY) Then whose were they? Jill and Olivia are connected to none of the victims, but it seems so...
  • The three think it over. Sidney snaps her fingers and pulls her phone out.
  • (GALE) What are you doing?
  • (SIDNEY) Research.
  • She pulls up a video of a crime scene from the movie, STAB. Casey Becker and Steve Orth are shown, both gutted.
  • (DEWEY) Jesus...
  • (GALE) I don't get it, though.
  • (SIDNEY) Think about it, guys. Steve was gutted and tied to a chair, so was Olivia. Casey was stabbed and gutted, hanged on a tree. Jill was stabbed, gutted and hanged to the ceiling fan.
  • (GALE) Holy shit, you're right... but what does it mean?
  • (DEWEY) He's remaking stab into real life.
  • Gale and Sidney look surprised.
  • (DEWEY) I've taken Trevor to see a lot of horror movies, most of them were remakes.
  • (SIDNEY) Then we need to-
  • Judy hicks burst in.
  • (DEWEY) Deputy Hicks, what is it?
  • (HICKS) I got a call from Kirby Reed. Trevor's in trouble.
  • (SIDNEY) Oh, shit, we need to go!

Can I go to a party?

  • (SINDEY) The finale was settled at a party, so-
  • Trevor walks into the kitchen.
  • (TREVOR) Hi, Sid... Sorry to interrupt, but I was wondering if I could go to a party tonight.
  • (GALE) Hell, no.
  • (TREVOR) Oh, co-
  • (DEWEY) Trevor, have you seen anything that's happening? Someone killed Jill, Olivia and Sidney's publicist.
  • (TREVOR) And?
  • (SIDNEY) Trevor, we don't want anyone else to get killed. We think the killer is remaking the original murders. We think you're the new Sidney.
  • (TREVOR) We'll protect each other. Please?
  • (GALE and DEWEY) NO!
  • Trevor rolls his eyes and goes upstairs. He texts Kirby and climbs out his window.


  • Sindey is knocked on the floor and Kate gets up. She aims her gun at her.
  • (JENNY) Sidney, it's not that we dislike you. Actually, it is. But you have to make room for the next generation of survivors.
  • (KATE) Honestly, if you survived, it'd be predictable. This time, you must die.
  • (SIDNEY) You don't scare me!
  • Kate laughs.
  • (KATE) You never have to be scared again.
  • Kate pulls the trigger, shooting Sidney through her forehead. Her head jerks back as blood splatters on the ground. Trevor screams in terror, getting punched by Jenny.
  • (JENNY) Shut up! Here's the deal. We're going to tie the two of you together and then-
  • Trevor kicks Kate's hand, making the gun fly up. Jenny grunts and tackles Trevor to the ground, pushing on his eye. Robbie knocks her over and pushes Kate back, Trevor getting the gun. Jenny screams, running away.
  • (KATE) Uh... Trevor... Don't do something yo-
  • BANG! Trevor shot Kate through her neck.
  • (TREVOR) Much like it usually is, this generation fucking sucks.
  • Trevor hits Kate with the gun, knocking her down as she chokes on her blood. Robbie is panting next to him. Trevor grabs his arm and drags him to the entrance, where other cops are walking in. Judy runs to the boys.
  • (TREVOR) Judy, where's my dad?
  • (JUDY) Dewey wants me to bring you both to your house.

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