S.Q.U.I.D: A Cloverfield Story is a 2017 american monster horror film directed by Matt Reeves, produced by J. J. Abrams and Bryan Burk, and written by Drew Goddard, all who worked on the first film. It is the third film in the Cloverfield franchise. Like the two films before it, the film had a name change which was originally just S.Q.U.I.D and was inspired by a fan script found on Reddit. The film is mainly in found footage however there are some scenes that are filmed traditionally. The movie follows seven teens trying to escape San Francisco after it was attacked by a giant monster and a Kraken who come back from a movie and head to a party.

The film was well received by critics and it earned $170.8 million at the box office against a $25 million budget (much like the first film) it is also a "true" sequel to the first movie set two years after it


The film begins with a recording between a soldier in a helicopter and unknown man only known as "Mr.Silent" who is talking to the soldier over the radio. Footage of a nuked New York city is seen as they speak. Mr.Silent asks if the any of the monsters survived with the soldier saying that the mother was the only thing to survive, in which Mr.Silent urges the soldier to command his team to contain it when a sudden roar is heard, the soldier screams and a crashing sound is heard, implying that the helicopter crashed and the mother escaped.

In 2010 four teenagers head back from a movie (Called Goumajiboura, ironically about a giant monster destroying a city) and criticise it for being a good movie being felt that it didn't live up to the excitement. They head to a friends party after realising they are almost late but arrive in time. They meet three other teenagers, in which the footage is interrupted by a briefing with the teenagers names (Aaron, Luke, Jacob, Samuel, Flore, Ginnie, Who Is Holding The Camera, And Hannah). The briefing claims the seven where at a party when two creatures of unknown origin attacked.

We see the teens again speaking when a sudden blackout occurs and the teens begin to ask what happened before jumping when a loud roar is heard and the power comes back on. Ginnie puts the camera down and turns on the news, which talks about a blackout in San Francisco similar to the New York incident. Aaron becomes paranoid and wonders if a monster is attacking the city but Ginnie simply brushes it off as a simple blackout, Aaron questions her about the roar when she says she doesn't have a logical explanation for that. Jacob comes running down from the roof and tells the group they have to see what's happening when a giant explosion goes off near them and they escape the building.

The audience is then shown a giant figure with a similar appearance to clover from the first film but a lot bigger, which is heading toward the city. The group watch the news which says for any civilians that lives near the docs to get there as fast as possible for evacuation as a giant creature is heading toward the city. The group arrive at the docks and are told to wait for a boat by a soldier, however a boat is thrown upwards by a tentacle and giant kraken emerges from the water and begins to attack, they are told to get through the train station as no trains are running through and the group barely escapes the creature. The group make it to the train station and the group begin to argue about their survival when Ginnie yells and tells the group they have better things to do than argue as the city is being attacked by a giant monster.

As the group progresses through the tunnel, Samuel is attacked by a parasite and spits some green substance on him and parasites begin attacking the group. Gennie climbs up and breaks the glass to grab an axe, in which she jumps down and beheads a parasite with the axe and the rest of the parasites flee. Ginnie helps Samuel climb up as he looks badly ill. When they get through the door they see a man who reveals himself to be Mr.Silent and doesn't want them to get through alive and with the camera as he plans Hammer Down 2 while everyone is still in the city so nobody knows about the incident, Samuel tries to stop him but is shot and begins bleeding and aims the gun at Ginnie telling her it was nothing personal when suddenly Samuel stands up and Mr.Silent shoots him again but to no avail. Extra two arms grow out below Samuel's arms and charges to Mr.Silent and begins to maul him.

The group flee only to see the giant figure (Called the mother) attacking the city. The group take a run for it as a building nearly comes down on them. They make it into a certain part of San Francisco covered in green smoke as a result of the substance (Flubber) outbreak, they are attacked resulting in the group being separated. Ginnie is attacked by a Flubber infected human and kills it with her axe and fights her way through the infected people. She eventually makes it back to the group with Aaron missing, the audience is shown Hannah and Aaron running through the area where the infected have blocked off the way they were going so Aaron distracts them by getting them to chase him, he is eventually mauled by the infected. Luke and Jacob make a plan to escape the city by getting through the golden gate bridge in some way, Ginnie says they would need to be careful as the area is covered in infected survivors so they should take the sidewalk, the remaining group agrees with Ginnie and they reach the golden gate bridge.

Ginnie hands the camera to Luke and she climbs over the fence. He hands her the camera back and the rest begin to climb over the fence. The group walks through the bridge when Ginnie points her camera down to the water and sees the kraken below them where she alerts the group of the kraken below them and they begin to run. Luke and Jacob fall behind and the kraken destroys the half of the bridge which cause Luke and Jacob to fall to their deaths. The group see the mother approaching the bridge and continue to run and reach a car. Ginnie breaks the window with her axe and they manage to start up the car and drive away. The mother spits out some Flubber which lands on the kraken, thinking it would kill it but instead it turns into a humanoid kraken with with tentacles coming out of its back. The kraken and the mother fight each other, with the mother winning. Ginnie is sitting in the back of the car and turns her camera around to see San Francisco nuked as the mother is seen screaming and Ginnie turns the camera around, a bite can be seen on her arm when the camera comes out which implies she was bit by something when escaping and could die

The camera comes back showing two people surrounded by rocks under a bridge, the man turns the camera to himself, revealing himself to be rob from the first film. He turns to Beth and asks her if she is ok. The rocks are suddenly knocked down to reveal two soldiers who rescue them, Beth is badly injured and taken to a hospital Where one of the soldiers is informed that one of the monsters survived when the camera cuts to the black.


Kayla Reid - Ginnie

Alan James - Luke

Elle Fanning - Hannah

Abigail Breslin - Flore

Samuel Reese - Samuel

Adam Sloan - Aaron

Neil Jackson - Jacob

Michael Stahl-David - Robert "Rob" Hawkins (Cameo)

Odette Annable - Elizabeth "Beth" McIntyre (Cameo)

Bradley Cooper - Sgt.Benjamin Coleman

To prevent information leaks, some of the actors were not credited in the film which was a success




The poster is what is presumably Ginnie walking on a bridge walking into green smoke on a bridge with the mother approaching it and the Kraken in the water staring up at the bridge


(The group is seen walking through the tunnel)

Samuel - "How the hell are we going to get out of here?"

Hannah - "I have no fucking idea!"


(The group all start shouting at each other, Ginnie breaks it by yelling)


(A Parasite jumps down and attacks Samuel)

Trivia And Notes From The Creator


  • The movie is set in the same timeline as the first film and resolves the ending to the first film

Notes From The Creator

  • This Was Actually Based Of A Dream Of Mine I Had Where I Was In The HMV Store And I Bought This Movie, However The Poster Had A Man Running Into Green Smoke On The Bridge With The Kraken Under It Staring Up And The Mothers Face In The Sky, With The Bridge Being Partially Destroyed
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