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Do you know who you are fighting, Oium? I am Ryanus, Roman soldier, Roman Commando of the first Roman Legion. You will not beat me...
~ Ryanus

Ryanus was a Roman in the Roman Army. He was one of the few Roman Commandos, a two-group team assigned to each legion of Roman troops. He and his friend Garindus made up the Roman Team 1, assigned to Roman Legion 1. He fought in the Oium Wars, taking present-day Ukraine. This area was taken back, however, when the Oium Warriors defeated the Roman Empire in a different battle.

He fought in several battles, including the battle of his fort, and he captured several things on his missions as a Roman Commando, such as the Oium catapult. He killed a giant squid, also, one of the first known figures in history to encounter the enormous sea-dwelling creature. His horse was named Outrunner, and was the only Roman horse capable of beating Oium chariots.


Early life


Sidus, Ryanus's father.

Ryanus was born in Rome at an unknown time. His father, Sidus, showed him how to use simple weapons such as the sword, spear, bow, and defenses such as the shield. After seeing his son was very skilled in close combat and far combat, he offered him to the Roman Empire at age eight, seeing he would be a great asset with his skills in swordfighting. The Roman Empire accepted him, and he immediately began training as a Roman soldier. Horseback combat, or mounted combat, was one of the many things he learned while training. His instructor saw that Ryanus worked well with animals and assigned Ryanus the job of maintaining the animals around his Roman camp.


Ryanus was one day taking care of a horse when he noticed the horse was pregnant. A few months later, Ryanus saw little baby horses, and he spotted one that was faster, taller, and more intelligent than the others. He kept a close watch on this one, naming it Outrunner. Little did he know this horse was to become his own horse as a soldier in the Roman Empire.

First Mission

After passing several tests and being accepted into the army at 18, he was sent to a fort in present-day Moldova. Their had been several Oium uprising in the region, and his legion was to stop these. After several weeks of harsh conditions as a soldier, one of the fort's watchman spotted a black horse in the distant. Ryanus and other Roman soldiers thought this was a search party for the Romans, but the legionare of his legion identified it as a soldier for the Oium. Weeks passed and an Oium army arrived, attacking the fort with waves of troopers. Thinking fast, Ryanus took out the leader of one of the smaller groups and defended the fort. As several more troops breached the fort's sturdy walls, he found Outrunner, now older, and rode atop the horse, killing more and more soldiers. He finally got off and killed the arriving reinforcments. After winning the battle, the Roman legionaire gave Ryanus several awards and offered him a position as a Roman Commando. He accepted, and thus began his career as a Commando in the Oium Wars.

Start of the War

Oium Wars

The Oium Wars beggining.

Immediately after being promoted to Roman Commando, he was told to pick a partner out of those who had also been promoted. After searching through several people, he chose a averaged height, muscular, intelligent man named Garindus. Ryanus and Garindus soon set off as Roman Team 1, assigned to Ryanus's old legion, Roman Legion 1.

Capture the Catapult


The catapult.

Once the Oium began attacking more and more, Ryanus and Garindus were sent to capture a catapult from the Oium, now being called the Legion of the Bats. On their way, Garindus's horse, Courage, met Outrunner, and the two horses began playing with each other while their masters were discussing strategies. Sighting the catapult in the distance, Ryanus and Garindus hid behind several bushes. They attacked two guardsmen and stole their swords. Once inside the catapult's entrance, they killed more guardsmen and knocked unconcious several others. They signaled for the legion to come over, and the legion took the catapult in a ship back to Roman land. The team had completed their first mission.

Assassination attempt

Returning to the boat, Ryanus fell asleep quickly after the long week. Little did he know, an Oium disguised as a Roman soldier had snuck into the boat. The Oium came into Ryanus's quarters and pulled his sword up. Ryanus, woken up by the sword pulling out of its pocket, acted like he was sleeping. As the sword came falling down to Ryanus's neck, he quickly pulled out his sword and blocked. The two warriors engaged in a fierce sword duel, waking up everyone on the ship. However, the warrior was able to dodge every arrow coming at him. As the Oium started winning, an arrow came right to his chest and killed him. Ryanus looked behind him, and there Garindus was, with a bow still in his hand.

Giant Squid

Roman Squid

Ryanus and Garindus attack the squid.

Next, Ryanus and Garindus were sent to investigate the disappearance of several Roman Navy ships in the Mediterranean Sea. When they entered, they found the shipwrecks, which eventually lead them to the giant squid that was causing all of the shipwrecks in the region.

They shot several arrows at it, and even cut off tentacles with their swords. However, the squid became very angry as it failed to get its prey. It busted a hole in the bottom of the boat. As the boat sank, Ryanus stabbed the squid through the mouth and heart. He an Garindus then jumped onto large, floating pieces of wood and eventually were rescued and brought to the capital, where they told the Emperor.

End of the War

Several battles with the Oium occurred again, most of them resulting in a Roman victory. The two Roman Commandos were sent on several missions, some of them including infiltrating Oium battleships and stealing Oium swords and shields. The war ended after a few years and Ryanus, at age 31, took a vacation from the Roman army.

A Violent Vacation

On his vacation he went to the beaches of the Mediterranean and watched the Roman ships dock. He often practiced martial arts in nearby Roman places. However, when several Numidian ships attacked the beach he was at, he put on his armor and left to make the Numidians retreat. Destroying several ships, he killed more and more Numidians. This gave the Empire an opening to Africa. Africa was easily taken over during the Second Punic War. He went back into the Roman Army a week later.

Return to the Roman Army



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Roman commander

The toy.

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