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Ryan Rourke Sullivan (born January 3, 1962) is a main character in the TV series, The Sullivans.


Born in Boston, Massachusetts in January 1962. Ryan was the youngest of the two brothers. He has a older brother named Patrick.

After attending law school in Columbia University, Ryan became an A.D.A. in Boston and was known for his progressive, relentless approach against defendants. He married his law school sweetheart Rachel and they had three children; Amanda, Drake and Lydia. After Lydia's birth, Ryan had a job offer from a friend in law school to be a A.D.A. in Denver. He accepted that offer and he & his family moved to Denver. He eventually was elected criminal judge and was infamous & prominent for his tough-on-crime attitude and conviction percentage. Amanda was a defense lawyer and was about to become judge until she was unexpectedly killed in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Lydia is currently a Chicago P.D. dispatcher.

Ryan suffered another tragedy when Rachel died of cancer four years before. Since then, he retired from being a judge.

The Sullivans

Season 1


Season 2

Ryan mainly spends his time of being grandfather to Finn and Mary while their parents are in work. While the family was returning home from a trip, he, along with his grandchildren and a gas station attendant, tended to the wounded daughter of oil billionaire John Fitzgerald, who abused his two children and murdered his wife. Ryan knew that Fitzgerald was investigated for kickbacks and his company was investigated for several oil fracking disasters. After getting the daughter to the hospital, he told Drake and Katherine that Fitzgerald is well-connected and is considered untouchable because of his wealth. He was relieved that Fitzgerald was arrested, thanks to the efforts of Drake, Katherine, their colleagues and the FBI.

Later, when Ryan saw Mary giving a gift to a friend, he tells Drake and Katherine about Mary's new friendship with a young waitress named Audrey Evans. They share mixed opinions about Audrey until they decide to invite Audrey to the dinner where they grew to like Audrey. After Mary admits to her parents and grandfather about Audrey's adopted father's stern behavior at Audrey in the park and scolding Mary for talking to strangers, Ryan believes that Mr. Evans is very controlling, judging by what his granddaughter said about him.

Ryan gets a shock when a young teenager girl named Sophie arrive and wants his help. Ryan was unsure at first until Sophie whimper something important. Ryan helps Sophie out before it later revealed that Sophie is the daughter of Ryan's brother Patrick.

When Mary shows her parents and grandfather the video of Evans arguing with Andrea Donnell on her phone, Drake and Katherine reacts in horror and Finn scolded Mary for befriending Audrey in the first place and not revealing things sooner. As tension rise between Drake and Katherine, Ryan scolds them to stop arguing and that they need to plan things out without upsetting their children, and while avoiding taking drastic actions. Ryan takes Mary and Finn to see Audrey but they couldn't find her in the house or in the café where her co-workers at the diner said that Audrey never showed up for work. Ryan arrive at the station, confirm to Drake and Katherine about Audrey going missing.

Season 3



When he was a criminal court judge, he was famous for his no-nonsense, tough-on-crime attitude and was ruthless against defendants who committed unspeakable criminal acts, but also deeply cared for the victims and his own family. After his retirement, he provides some wisdom, insight and advice on Drake & Katherine on cases they work on. When Drake and Katherine work, he looks after their children; Finn and Mary and support them whatever things gets tense.