This is the third episode of Russian Horror Story, a spin-off to the widely popular tv series, American Horror Story. In this third episode of Russian Horror Story, the climax starts building, and things can only get more exciting from here, so stay tune for the upcoming remaining three episodes....


Meanwhile in Pripyat, Anfisa and Filipe arrive at the The Polissya Hotel, where they encounter a young woman named Yulia. Both Anfisa and Filipe book separate rooms for each other to stay for the night at the hotel. While in the hotel's lobby room, Anfisa and Filipe end up properly introducing to each other, and they even share to each other their life stories. 

Filipe reveals to Anfisa that he's currently dating a guy named, Volodin and that he hopes to make it out alive of Pripyat so that he can see his "sweetheart" again, especially since they didn't end up on quite good terms the last time they saw each other. Anfisa empathizes with him, telling him that she too hopes to see her husband again and find their missing daughter, Toshomenko, as well. Considering that it was early noon, and that the duo had nothing else to do, they decided to search the building to see if Toshomenko could be somewhere around. 

What was strange about the Polissya Hotel was that it was quite lonely, a bit too lonely- no one else besides Anfisa and Filipe were around except for the front desk woman, Yulia. Searching around the hotel, they visit Room 103 and discover a secret passage to a sacrificial chamber, where Anfisa encounters Daffodil's daughter who resembles Toshomenko, albeit much more darker and ghostly looking: Dark Agafya. Dark Agafya bursts into flames, and tells Toshomenko and Filipe, "Look at me, I'm burning", before letting out a blood-curdling scream and disappearing into ashes. Immediately after, a siren blares out, a warning of another impending shift to the alternate world. Yulia implores Anfisa and Felipe to follow her to the local church, where she believes they will be safe.

On the way there, the alternate world begins to consume the church grounds. A flock of townspeople flees to the church. Daffodil, on the steps of the church, warns Anfisa and Filipe not to go into the church because the townspeople are  "deceiving wolves in the skins of sheep". Anfisa confronts Daffodil, demanding to know why Toshomenko looks identical to Agafya and if Agafya is dead. Daffodil cryptically tells her "Misunderstood evil wakes in vengeance, not after the innocent." Yulia heard this and becomes distracted by throwing rocks at Daffodil, claiming that Daffodil is spreading "filth and lies", and as a result is grabbed by Metal Head, who manifests from behind her, grabs her by the throat and rips Yulia's skin off, killing her. Anfisa is horrified by Yulia's death and she immediately starts running up the stairs of the church to catch up to Filipe, totally forgetting about Daffodil and leaving her behind. Anfisa makes it in to the church just in time before Metal Head could catch up to her, as Filipe closes the doors of the church.

Anfisa and Filipe find refuge in the church, which is spared from being transformed by the alternate world, where they discover the remaining townspeople; a religious cult, led by a woman named Capriana. Capriana tells them that a "demon" controls the town and that Anfisa must face the "darkness of hell" if she wants to find her daughter. After convincing Capriana that she wants to find the "demon" for answers, Capriana and her chaplain guards take Anfisa with Filipe to Hospital No. 126 through an underground tunnel that connects the church to the hospital.

Meanwhile, in another part of the Belarus county, Volodin has become increasingly worried about his boyfriend's, Filipe's, whereabouts. He takes it upon himself to go to Pripyat during midnight to look for him. Volodin calls some of his co-worker friends to see if any of them are willing to accompany him, but only one of them is. Volodin dresses up, puts on a leather jacket, brings two glocks and a flashlight with him as he gets in his car and drives off to pick up his accompanying friend who's name is Ramzan. Volodin, and his friend, Ramzan soon arrive at Pripyat. And it shortly after starts to 



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