This the second episode of "Russian Horror Story", which is a spin off to the widely popular TV series, "American Horror Story". This episode and the previous one set somewhat of the the tone of the story before it goes deep into the crazy/exciting stuff! So stay tune for the next episode and the final three that'll follow afterwards!


Boris has studied reports and online articles about Pripyat, and the dangers it possesses. Worried for his wife's safety, he takes it upon himself to drive out and find her and their daughter. He is reluctantly aided by young Officer Volodin Yarovaya after he reveals to Boris that he's only helping him because his boyfriend, Filipe, has gone missing and was last seen around the Chernobyl area. Under the guise of keeping Boris safe from the harms of the underground radioactive coal fire and other natural dangers of the town, Volodin guides the worried husband through the town. The officer reveals his father once owned the local shoe shop, and talks about how everyone fled the town due to the nearby Chernobyl accident, in which a massive radioactive nuclear exploded. He empathizes with Boris' case of his missing spouse, but is more immediately concerned with the their own safety and is keen to leave.

Eventually the two men reach the school, where Anfisa currently is still trapped in the alternate world. Although the two men cannot see Anfisa, at one point they walk through the same area at the same time, and Boris believes he feels a presence, even smelling the perfume that Anfisa usually puts on. However, Volodin doesn't believe him, even shrugging off the sight of a school door opening and closing by itself as Anfisa passes through it in the alternate world. Boris and Volodin ultimately leave the town empty handed, but Boris requests to Officer Volodin to report Anfisa's and Toshomenko's strange disappearance to the local police authorities that he works for.

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After hours of walking and not finding either Toshomenko or Filipe, Anfisa collapses in tears, believing she can't go on. As she is about to be overrun with oversized cockroaches, Filipe unexpectedly arrives and saves her, having himself previously been dragged into the alternate world along with Anfisa. To their horror, the duo quickly learn that the big cockroaches are a sign of the presence of a 9ft tall man, with a metal box as a head, who's holding a large blade, approaching them. They quickly run, and seeing as they have no way out, they decide to hide in a storeroom. Trapped inside the storeroom, the two of them are attacked by Metal Head, resulting in a hectic fight for their lives. While dodging the large blade that had went through the storeroom's door, Filipe fires at the monster's arm, as it was yanking at a metal bar barricading the door. Just as the monster is about to break into the room, he ceases his attack and the school shifts back into the normal, but unusually, foggy world.

Meanwhile, Boris has ignored Volodin's orders for him to go home, and has broken into the Belarus County Archives in a desperate search for any information that could help him in his search of his wife and daughter. He discovers documents showing the town was abandoned after the terrible Chernobyl nuclear explosion 40 years prior, along with a photo of Daffodil's daughter, who bears a remarkable resemblance to Toshomenko. Boris is apprehended by Officer Volodin when he tries to question the founder of the town, Pripyat. Boris is told to stop investigating about Pripyat or he'll risk being arrested. In exasperation, he finally relents and heads home.

Casting (So Far)

All actors and actresses that were casted for Russian Horror Story are either Russian, Ukrainian or other kind of Slavic


This episode used samples of the saving room theme song from the first Resident Evil game during some of its scenes

Resident Evil Save Room Compilation

Resident Evil Save Room Compilation

During the scene of this episode where Metal Head chases after Anfisa and Filipe into the storage room and attempts to break in, the song "Seizure of Power" by Marilyn Manson was used

Marilyn Manson - Seizure of Power

Marilyn Manson - Seizure of Power


The song, "Laura Plays The Piano" from the second Silent Hill's video game soundtrack is used as the opening and ending theme song of the series.

Silent Hill 2 Laura Plays The Piano (Extended)

Silent Hill 2 Laura Plays The Piano (Extended)

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