This is the first of six episodes of a "Russian Horror Story" which is a spin off to the widely popular tv series "American Horror Story". The place based on where the first season takes place is in the nearby cities and towns that were affected by the Chernobyl accident in Ukraine, while it was still part of the USSR. The story of A Russian Horror Story obviously take place in modern days, though.


Anfisa and her husband, Boris, are concerned about their adopted daughter, 9-year old Toshomenko, who has strangely been sleepwalking during the night calling the name of a town, "Pripyat". Anfisa becomes desperate for answers, so she decides to take Toshomenko to Pripyat. As they approach the town, she is pursued by police officer, Filipe Ahlyeksyey, who has become suspicious of Anfisa's motives after witnessing Toshomenko panic at a gas station when her drawings were mysteriously vandalized. After seeing that nothing's wrong, Filipe lets Anfisa and Toshomenko continue on their way to Pripyat. As Anfisa's driving, a mysterious child appears in the road, causing Anfisa to swerve and crash the car, knocking herself unconscious. When she awakens, Toshomenko is missing, Anfisa immediately becomes horrified, while fog and falling ash blanket the town, making the path view a bit hard to see.

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Anfisa wanders the empty streets of Pripyat looking for her daughter but is stopped when, upon the sound of a siren, the town transforms into a dark and distorted alternate version of itself, and she encounters a large black man-like bird creature flying in her direction. The creature heads towards her, and as she starts running away from it, she trips. While on the ground, Anfisa immediately turns around to face the black humanoid bird creature, but to her surprise it was gone, it had mysteriously vanished. When the town reverts to its normal state, she meets a woman named Daffodil Karma, who speaks of her own daughter, Agafya, being abused by the townspeople. Upon seeing a photo of Toshomenko in Anfisa's locket, Daffodil mistakes Toshomenko for Agafya, and tries to steal the necklace from Anfisa. Anfisa then later returns to her car and runs into Filipe, who arrests her. As they head back to the road out of the town, they discover that the road is cut by a huge fracture. The two eventually pair up and decide to search for Toshomenko.

Backtracking the way they came to find a radio tower, Filipe sees something wandering towards them through the fog. As it gets closer, they realize it is an armless, grey skinned creature that takes the form of child with a zombie look to it, and it begins to shoot boiling acid at Filipe. While Filipe shoots at the monster, Anfisa takes the opportunity to run back into the town. After slipping the handcuffs to the front of her so her hands have limited use, she uses bus signs to find Cambrian Elementary School, where she believes Toshomenko is hiding.

Inside the school, Anfisa sees a flashback of the town as it was thirty years before. In this flashback/vision, a group of girls surround Daffodil's lost daughter, Agafya, calling her a witch and throwing books at her. Anfisa notices that Agafya looks identical to her daughter, Toshomenko.

After the flashback ends, Anfisa sees a manifestation of Agafya run into the girl's bathroom. She enters the bathroom and opens one of the bathroom stall doors, and to her horror, she discovers the body of a dead janitor wrapped in barbed wire with a piece of a hotel keychain in his mouth. Anfisa disgustingly takes the keychain and is about to leave when strange suited figures arrive. They spot her and Anfisa uses a set of keys from the main office to lock the bathroom door. The figures leave quickly as a warning siren blares, the same one Anfisa had heard earlier. Anfisa then switches on her flashlight and sees the bathroom physically begin to rot and degrade as it shifts into an alternative world. The body of the janitor is now alive and crawls along the floor still wrapped in barbed wire. Anfisa barely manages to escape before he catches her. She goes on to search for Filipe, so he can help her find her daughter.....


Opening/Ending Credits Song

The song, "Laura Plays The Piano" from the second Silent Hill's video game soundtrack is used as the opening and ending theme song of the for the first season of the series.

Silent Hill 2 Laura Plays The Piano (Extended)

Silent Hill 2 Laura Plays The Piano (Extended)

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