Rush Hour 3 (2020 film) Action-Comedy-Thriller 2020 film.


  • Yasiel Hernandez as Dt. Jake Cole; Yan's new partner replaces by James/Bill's older brother.
  • Yasel Hernandez as Sergeant Lt. Bill Cole
  • Matthew Ebanks as Yan Naing Lee, James's ex-past partner.
  • Yeni Molina Ortiz as Cole (uncredited); Jake's and Bill's sick mother.
  • Lee Clarke as Dt. Perry Carter, Yan's partner and James's brother.
  • Jackie Chan as adult Yan Naing Lee, 2007 past himself in apeared in Rush Hour (2007 film).
  • Chris Tucker as adult James Steven Carter, 2007 past himself appeared in Rush Hour (2007 film).
  • Yourails Swaby as Dr. Luni; chinese doctor.
  • Keenon "Djvon" Douglas as Sergeant Detective Jonathan Lee, he died in Rush Hour 2 after return his role appeared in this returning film.
  • Drils Mayo as John Xander Cheng; main antagonist.
  • Amaila Mayo as Maria Cheng; antagonist.
  • Zack Synder as Roberto; Re-tech hacker.
  • Marily Mayo as Yan's aunt (uncredited)
  • Jamie Clarke as Sergeant U.S Major Roy Rogers; ex-millitary and James's best friend.
  • Alec Cox as adult Yan Naing Lee
  • Jose Swaby Nixon as Jackie Naing Lee; Yan's father and James's family-friend.
  • Juila Hernandez as younger Tessa Carter
  • Yanet Swaby as Tessa Carter; James's yearoff past wife.


  • Jimmy Clarke as Dt. James Carter (cameo); he faked his death by heart attack.
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