Run Fast is a 2019 American Slasher Horror film written by the Brothers Hasan and directed by Tyler Gillett. It stars Arden Myrin, Sebastian Maniscalco, Angourie Rice, Peter Scolari, David Mazouz, Billie Eilish, Aedan Duckworth, 


In 1989 a biohazard costumed killer, with an axe among various other weaponry, arrives by car at a street at night. As Belinda Carlisle's song Summer Rain plays over the car radio increased in volume, the killer goes house to house killing all the residents. He begins with a mechanic in his garage working on his car, who he impales with a confiscated wrench to his face. A young couple across the street arguing over divorce are then killed with pruning shears, the husband decapitated and the wife slashed to death.

An elderly couple are then gutted and stabbed to death with a combat knife in their bedroom before the killer immolates a family with two young children by flamethrower, trapping them in their own home and setting it ablaze.

The final house visited features a gathering of high school teenagers: Jillian, Gwen, Brad, Nancy and Tommy are drinking and smoking marijuana to music in the living room. Brad after going upstairs to urinate encounters the killer who off-screen buries the axe in his chest, prompting him to collapse down the steps to the living room before the horrified friends. Gwen and Nancy are killed by slashes from the axe as Tommy advancing the killer has his jaw fractured off. The remaining Jillian flees the house, sustaining a slash to the back, reaching arriving authorities as the killer disappears.

In present day 2019 in Armvale, New York, the town of the massacre new resident and Sheriff Lenore arrives at the precinct, getting set up with local Deputy Remody and elder Lieutenant Michaels. Her 18 year old daughter Chelsea starts her first day at Armvale High and befriends track runner Mya, rebel student Rayne, anxiety suffering Lawrence, closeted bisexual Chance and couple Wyatt and Ida. An aspiring journalist, Chelsea learns from her new friends that her mother and herself's new home is on the estate that replaced the street of the town's 1989 murders. She then promptly elects in her first journalism class to cover the story as her first project.

Deputy Remody is revealed to be the younger brother of the 1989 sole survivor Jillian, whom he visits in the Armvale General Psych ward, where has been subsequently institutionalized for the past 29 years since her survival. Chelsea comes to visit Jillian the following day for a brief interview, as a silhouetted figure breaks into the high school that night and confiscates files on Chelsea, Mya, Rayne, Chance, Lawrence, Wyatt and Ida. After Chelsea leaves three power workers outside are run down with their own work van, one getting electrocuted on a nearby fence trying to escape. With their clearance, the killer enters the hospital that night and creates a diversion to direct away the hospital night staff, and murders Jillian with an all new modified axe to the chest.

Rayne organizes for Chelsea after her journalism presentation (via facebook event invite) to attend the Shockwave Music Fest in the nearby rural area of Hampton. Chelsea invites Mya, Chance, Lawrence, Wyatt and Ida, with Wyatt being reluctant to go. The couple decide last minute to go after make-up sex in Wyatt's bungalow, Wyatt then faces off with the killer in a living room fight, resulting in his head being bashed against a kitchen top microwave and bench, before he is killed with an axe to the back as Ida enters. Ida is then corned in the outside pool area and drowned.

A text from the murderer using Ida's phone in the facebook group chat informs they won't be attending, and the remaining group depart. Meanwhile Sheriff Lenore, Deputy Remody and Michaels go over the hospital crime scene and Remody in shock and anger leaves, determined to find the killer himself. Wyatt's mother arriving home from work discovers the bloodied bungalow. At the festival as the group settles into dancing, drinking and drug use, Lawrence panics realizing his anxiety medication is not with him, accusing the others of possibly taking it. Chelsea receives a call from her mother telling her she is en route and to be wary of Lawrence as his evidence found at the crime scene of their friends Wyatt and Ida suggest he is the killer.

A whodunit argument erupts and Lawrence breaks free from the group, as the rest divide also. Chance going off hooks up with a festival goer Noah he finds on Grindr, Mya goes for a cigarette, looking over an email on her phone clarifying her rejection for an athletic scholarship, Lawrence heads into a mosh pit and Chelsea meets up with Rayne. Lawrence accepts laced LSD from some acquaintances and begins to hallucinate horribly, eventually seeking refuge in a port-a-loo. The killer armed with axe traps him inside, breaks the cubicle and drops it over, crushing him and releasing a geyser of blood. Noah and Chance in the parking lot in the midst of almost having intercourse are attacked. Noah is killed with an axe to the back of the head and Chance fighting back is seemingly killed with multiple axe blows to the chest.

Mya in the nearby fields is shot in the leg with an arrow and then pursued across the street to an abandoned distillery, inside she is killed by defenestration. Rayne and Chelsea discover the power worker van and memorabilia belonging to all of them, victims from 1989, their files, among which Lawrence's stolen medication. Attempting to make it toward security the killer attacks and murders Rayne and flinging him over a fence, where he cracks his head on a rock. Chelsea is then chased to the distillery where she comes across the propped up bodies of Lawrence and Mya. Deputy Remody arrives and saves Chelsea as she fends against the killer, Remody taking a gunshot. Sheriff Lenore and Michaels arrive, Michaels being killed by a booby trap of a sulfuric acid bucket pouring upon him, dying in Remody's arms. The killer shot and injured flees back into the festival attacking multiple others with his axe before being shot by Sheriff Lenore, as Chelsea takes to him with Rayne's pocket knife, and Chance, revealed as alive jumps in with a broken fence post. Remody shoots at him with Michaels' gun and black blood is expelled from the wounds.

Seemingly dead as more authorities arrive, the crowd clears and security closes in the killer disappears to the surrounding hills, seen by Chelsea as it departs. It is discovered in the power worker van, the memorabilia is now missing.


  • Arden Myrin as Sheriff Lenore
  • Sebastian Maniscalco as Deputy Remody
  • Angourie Rice as Chelsea Lenore
  • Peter Scolari as Lieutenant Michaels
  • David Mazouz as Chance Douglas
  • Billie Eilish as Mya Andrews
  • Louis Hynes as Rayne Morrisey
  • Brooke Langton as Jillian Remody
  • Aedan Duckworth as Lawrence Tillerman
  • John Paul Ruttan as Wyatt Sanders
  • Bebe Wood as Ida Nettle
  • Olivier Richters as Black Death
  • Nell Tiger Free as Young Jillian
  • Kiernan Shipka as Gwen
  • Mikey Madison as Nancy
  • Jordan Connor as Brad
  • Dylan Sprayberry as Tommy
  • Mark O'Brien as Brett
  • Godfrey Gao as Donovan
  • Victor Garber as Max


  1. Summer Rain - Belinda Carlisle
  2. Pump Up The Jam - Technotronic
  3. Coming of Age - Foster the People
  4. The Less I Know The Better - Tame Impala
  5. Acceptable in the 80s - Calvin Harris
  6. Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa
  7. Habits (Stay High Hippie Sabotage Remix) - Tove Lo
  8. Casio - Jungle
  9. Another Love - Tom Odell (Zwette Edit)
  10. Summer Rain (Belinda Carlisle Remix) - DJ Dan Ross
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