Tommy:Our Biggest Adventure Yet, Right Chuckie? Chuckie:I Really Don't Get it Tommy
~ -First Quotes from the final Trailer

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie 2: Coco's Revenge is a 2017 American-French animated comedy-drama film based on the Nickelodeon animated television series of the same name. It is the sequel to 2000's Rugrats Motion Picture and the fifth film in the Rugrats film series.


Tommy and his group of friends Light up The Sky, And try to Avoid the Evil-French Woman.

Netflix Description

Need Fireworks?, Yes! Need Revenge?, No! Do you Need to get Revenge on what happened long ago?, No!


Rugrats in Paris:The Movie 2:Coco's Revenge(Soundtrack)

"Rugrats" by Mark Mothersbaugh

"Think" By Adam Lambert

"Coco's Revenge" by Mandy Moore

"I've got a Dream" by Mark Mothersbaugh

"Determination" By Toby Fox

"Whenever Wherever" by Shakira

"Tomorrow Hill" by The Unknown

"Who Let the Dogs Out" by Baha Man

"A Friend Like You" by Andy Grammer

"Saturday" by Nathan Willett


Tommy Pickles - E.G. Daily

Dil Pickles - Tara Strong

Angelica Pickles - Cheryl Chase

Chuckie Finster - Christine Cavanaugh

Phil,Lil,Betty Deville - Kath Soucie

Drew Pickles - Michael Bell

Charlotte Pickles - Tress MacNeille

Accordion Player - Casey Kasem

Grandpa Lou Pickles - Joe Alaskey

Chas Finster - Michael Bell

Stu Pickles - Will Ryan

Didi Pickles - Melanie Chartoff

Kimi Watanabe - Dionne Quan

Kira Watanabe - Julia Kato

Coco LaBouche - Susan Sarandon/Mandy Moore

Jean-Claude - John Lithgow

(Additional Voices)

Carlos Alazraqui

Bill Hader

Thomas Middleditch

Adam Sandler

Josh Gad

Kevin Hart

Ed Helms

Mr. Lawrence

Tom Kenny

Linda Wallem


  •  This is the First Time Angelica Hasn't been Mean.
  •  The store they were in to get The Fireworks was the TNT Supercenter
  •  Coco's Defeat is the Same way in the First one,But instead her Pants Ripped.
  •  The Nickelodeon Movies Logo from the First one is used in this One.
  •  In the Original Trailer The Angry Video Game Nerd Appears, However he didn't appear in The Movie.
  •  Coco acts like a good guy in the Contest announcement,But in the Movie,she's the Bad Guy.
  •  This is the first movie to show Angelica's nice side,she only said "Dumb Babies" once,But Klasky Csupo Changed her Personality to stop making her mean.
  •  The Song "Determination" is from A Fanmade project of Toby Fox.
  •  Coco pronounces LaBouche wrong
  •  This is the Third JSG Movie,The second was Portal the Movie and the First was Gameizety.


Words like Stupid,and Idiot are in this Movie.

In the Original Trailer "Holy Crap" Is shouted.


This film was originally Gonna be Rated G.

But due to the Violence of Coco, This is the 2nd Rugrats PG Movie,The first was Rugrats Go Wild.The first R Movie was Rugrats Go Starving.


In June 2014, Jalen wanted to plan a Sequel to Rugrats in Paris:The Movie So he askedParamount,Nickelodeon Movies, and Klasky Csupo to make a Sequel,And they would be more than happy to say yes.They Started production on the Movie in November 17, 2014,Everyone reprises their Roles(Except Jack Riley due to his death in 2016 due to Pneumonia)as the First One,But Mandy Moore(Famous for Cynthiafrom Tangled,Klasky Csupo's Famous Movie)Voices Coco LaBouche as her Singing Voice for her to sing the Song Coco's Revenge.The Movie was Finished on June 2015,The Trailer was released on October 23, 2017.And then The Movie was released November 24, 2017.


The First One:Coco shows her defeat from The last time The Rugrats are against her.And she said"What are you waiting for? Get off your derrieres and get this show on the road! Tout de suite!

Captain Underpants The First Epic Movie:The Kids' parents gave them treats and then they were running around the playground crazy.

ROBLOX: The Movie 2: J.U.L.I.E.N.'s Revenge:The name of the movie almost has the same name of The Sequel to Dreamworks ROBLOX: The Movie

Home Media 

On February 3,2018 a VHS,Will be released.


The Movie got Reception from KKDisney, and DonaldC1997 That this is the worst rated movie.


The Movie was released on November 24, 2017 on Youtube

The Movie will be Released at the Eiffel Tower on June 12, 2018

The Movie will be Released on VHS On February 3, 2018, even though the VHS Format was discontinued in 2006, JSG Wanted to make it like the Year 2000 when the First One Came out On November 17.

Cancelled sequel 

There's been rumors that JSG Will make a sequel entitled, Rugrats Go Wild 2: Cutting Edges. But was cancelled in place for JSG'S The Wizard of Oz student play.

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