1. Amelia Fransua: Winner
  2. Gigi Goode: Runner-Up
  3. Nouba Soleil: 3rd Place
  4. Satine Harlow: 4th Place
  5. Izzy Hard: 5th Place
  6. The Witch Blair: 6th Place
  7. Billy Obsinity: 7th Place (Miss Congeniality)
  8. Melony Vonkruz: 8th Place
  9. Demi Lauren Sexton: 9th Place
  10. Mona Lott: 10th Place
  11. Celeste Holmes: 11th Place
  12. Katy Bahm: 12th Place
  13. Stella Destroy: 13th Place
  14. Bambi Mercury: 14th Place


  1. Dragging On
  2. Russian Ru-Let
  3. Breaking The Kitty Girl
  4. The Ruview
  5. Fashionistas!
  6. Product Placement
  7. Snatch Game
  8. Drag Lane
  9. The Maude Ball
  10. The Made Over Family Of Designers
  11. Reptiles On The Runway
  12. Reunited
  13. Grand Finale

Lip Syncs For Your Life

  1. Bambi Mercury vs Katy Bahm - Fancy - Iggy Azalea & Charli XCX Winner: Katy Bahm
  2. Stella Destroy vs Satine Harlow - Band of Gold - Freda Payne Winner: Satine Harlow
  3. Katy Bahm vs Demi Lauren Sexton - Clap Your Hands - Sia Winner: Demi Lauren Sexton
  4. Celeste Holmes vs Demi Lauren Sexton - The Music Sounds Better With You - Lush Life Winner: Demi Lauren Sexton
  5. Mona Lott vs Demi Lauren Sexton - See You Again - Miley Cyrus Winner: Demi Lauren Sexton
  6. Demi Lauren Sexton vs Billy Obsinity - Diamonds - Rihanna Winner: Billy Obsinity
  7. Melony Vonkruz vs Izzy Hard - Dirty Talk - Wynter Gordon Winner: Draw
  8. Satine Harlow vs Melony Vonkruz - Don't Call Me Baby - Madison Avenue Winner: Satine Harlow
  9. Billy Obsinity vs Izzy Hard - Whole Again - Atomic Kitten Winner: Izzy Hard
  10. The Witch Blaire vs Izzy Hard - Chasing Pavements - Adele Winner: Izzy Hard
  11. Gigi Goode vs Satine Harlow - Marry The Night - Lady Gaga Winner: Gigi Goode
  12. Amelia Fransua vs Nouba Soleil - Edge Of Glory - Lady Gaga Winner: Amelia Fransua
  13. Amelia Fransua vs Gigi Goode - Heavy Cross - Gossip Winner: Amelia Fransua
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