Rosemary's Baby is a 2014 American horror film written by Sheldon Turner and directed by Darren Aronofsky starring Zoe SaldanaPatrick J. Adams, Brie LarsonImelda StauntonMichael Gambon and Geoff Stults.

The film serves as a remake of the highly controversial Roman Polanski 1960 Horror Classic of the same name which featured Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes and Ruth Gordon in the picture which garnered Gordon an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

The film was announced by Tarantino (a serving producer) and director Aronofsky in a press conference on April 13th, 2011 as being in production which continued into a gruelling process before finally finishing on December 19th, 2013.

The film prominentely adds in alot of supernatural psychological situations absent from the original motion picture and was widely criticised prior to release for the bold change of Rosemary Woodhouse from an American Caucasian "Plain Jane" woman to a beautiful, albeit feisty african american woman.

Upon premiering at the Baltimore and Tribeca film festivals the film received immediate acclaim and was picked up by Paramount Pictures and Relativity Media for a large theatrical release under their distribution.

The film has received great positive reception and two Oscar nominations as of so far: 1. For Saldana for her portrayal of Rosemary Woodhouse and 2. For Staunton for her portrayal of Minnie Castevet for which Gordon had infamously portrayed in the original Polanski picture and received an Oscar for.

The film was shot mostly on a constructed apartment building set in Baltimore with the ending rock cliff sequence on a controlled sound-stage at Paramount Studios.


The film opens in 1968 with newlywed couple Rosemary (Zoe Saldana) and Guy Woodhouse (Patrick J. Adams) come to settle in Baltimore with Rosemary's best friend Leanne Mills (Brie Larson) as Guy receives a call in that he has been signed on for a contract with his acting agent and has landed his first major motion picture role.

On the day of Guy's first meeting with Paramount Leanne and Rosemary experience a flood in her small dingy apartment and the two after contacting a plumber to repair the problem head out to pick up a present for Guy in regards to his big first day.

They stop at a small grocery store called Daphne's where they meet the friendly female occupant Daphne Slate (Kristen Schaal) whom helps them pick out the perfect present.

Daphne overhears Leanne and Rosemary discussing Leanne's flooded apartment and what they are going to for when Guy gets home.

Daphne then heads into the back and makes a call to an unknown person stating she may have found the 'carrier.'

As Rosemary and Leanne make their way over to the counter and Daphne returns from the back she has a newspaper article in her hand for a ready for rent large four bedroom apartment with two bathrooms in a fancy old Victorian style Baltimore apartment owned by a lovely elderley couple of florists. Rosemary jumps at the idea whilest Leanne questions as to why Daphne was eavesdropping on her and Rosemary's private conversation.

Rosemary jumps in excitement upon reading the details of the apartment and Daphne presents on the kitchen counter photographs of the stylish Victorian four bedroom apartment and tells a former friend of her named Elaine Forrester had lived in there with her husband Dennis until they moved to Philadelphia to be closer with family.

Rosemary suades Leanne with the fact that her husband will be returning home to a flooded apartment and that the plumber they contacted stated that the flooding like that plus asbestos he discovered inside the walls proves a hazard considering the fact she hopes to be having a baby by the end of summer.

Leanne agrees on the condition it be temporary and that the price range be well within her salary alone.

The girls come to the apartment building 1109 Chester Street and meet the propietors forementioned by Daphne, sweet florist elderley couple Minnie (Imelda Staunton) and Roman Castevet (Michael Gambon) whom shows them through the four bedroom fancy apartment and tells the price.

The price being an overwhelming deal settles as a yes with both Rosemary and Leanne.

The girls then race back to Leanne's apartment which has been cleared of the flooding by the bitter plumber but is still cracked and ruined from the outpour.

Rosemary leaves a note on the apartment door for Guy to meet them at the building 1109 at 66 Chester Street Room 6 on the 6th Floor.

Guy returns from his day of working through scenes with a hostile director at Paramount for a drama horror entitled the Devil's Bearing and comes back to Leanne's apartment to find the note which leads off to 1109.

There he comes to the 6th floor's apartment 6 and is greeted by an embracing Rosemary and Leanne whom have decorated up the apartment and present him with a faux hollywood star with his name framed.

The day after settling Leanne discovers running the block around her wold apartment the place to be alight with the fire department tending to it, the cause of the fire is discovered to be kerosene and match lit arson.

Leanne informs Rosemary of this but Rosemary is preoccupied with getting familiar with the Castevets whom she comes to tell of her desire to get pregnant and she comes to strike a strong connection with Minnie Castevet who recounts her time during the 1920's when she was young and fell pregnant with her first child: a beautiful little girl named Elizabeth. Guy continues on with his gruelling work under director Sampson Everrhart (Benicio Del Toro) who continues to treat him poorly.

Over a course of nights whilest Leanne is on her usual night run, always passing the now charred and burnt old apartment Rosemary and Guy have intercourse which Rosemary hopes will result in conception.

The first four nights of which result in nothing.

On the sixth night of living in the new apartment Rosemary hopes to engage in intercourse again with husband Guy only to be refuted as he had been fired from the studio that day but neglected to tell Rosemary only Leanne.

Rosemary drinks after the rejection for another night attempt and consolidates with best friend Leanne whom confides that Guy had rebuffed her due to his sack from Paramount.

This enrages Rosemary as he didn't bother telling her but rather his best friend who in turn didn't bother telling her until she works herself into a drunken stupor.

The upset Rosemary wanders down the hall to apartment 7, the home apartment of the Castevets who welcome her in.

Minnie provides them both tea and sits down with a distraught Rosemary whom she comforts and tells not to hold a grudge against her husband and best friend.

Rosemary then returns back to apartment 6 to find Leanne waiting for her, she apologises for getting angry with her and tells she is going to turn in.

Leanne helps her off to sleep and as Rosemary passes out beside an already fast asleep Guy Rosemary delves into a horrible daylit nightmare of a bed resting on the surface of the ocean.

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