Rosemary's Baby is 2015 remake of 1968 American psychological horror film. This films stars




  • TBA as Rosemary Woodhouse
  • TBA as Guy Woodhouse
  • TBA as Minnie Castevet
  • TBA as Roman Castevet/Steven Marcato
  • TBA as Hutch
  • TBA as Dr. Abraham Sapirstein
  • TBA as Dr. Hill
  • TBA as Laura-Louise
  • TBA as Terry Gionoffrio
  • Leslie Mann as Elise Dunstan
  • TBA as Grace Cardiff
  • TBA as Donald Baumgart
  • TBA as Dr. Shand
  • TBA as Mrs. Gilmore
  • TBA as Mr. Micklas
  • TBA as Diego
  • TBA as Rosemary's Girlfriend
  • TBA as Rosemary's Girlfriend
  • TBA as the Devil
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