Room of Terror is a 2015 Slasher Horror Thriller Mysteri Filmis distributed by dimension film and lionsgate Starring Selena Gomez,Ashley Greene,Cam Gigadent,Megan Fox,Nicholas D'Agosto,Miles Teller and Chace Crawford


Raven Nichols (Selena Gomez of Spring Breakers) receives a letter that his sister Carrie (Lea Michele of Glee) is dead and I left a departemt where his sister lived with her ​​and now her boyfriend Stephe(Chace Crawford of what to expect when you're expecting) and her best friend Kimberly(Ashley Greene of The apparition) will have to evict department without his sister though Somebody is watching from the fourth.



Selena Gomez As Raven Nichols/main movie character

Ashley Greene As Kimberly Watson/Raven's Best #1 Friend and Tom Girlfriend

Cam Gigadent As Tom Hardy/Kimberly's Boyfriend and Raven and Stephen's Friend

Chace Crawford As Stephen Wesley/Raven's Boyfriend

Megan Fox As Alex Jones/Raven's Best Friend #2 and Ron's Boyfriend

Nicholas D'Agosto As Ron Hargensen/Alex's Boyfriend and Stephen and Tom's Friend

Miles Teller As Chris Stamos/Raven's Friend

Candice Accola As Chloe Fitz/Raven's Friend

Maggie Q As May Liu/Raven's Friend

Teresa Palmer As Amber Reynolds/Raven's Friend

Matt Long As James Prescott/Raven's Friend

Logan Lerman As Jerry Cornan/Raven's Friend

Josh Hunterson As Travis Lilcoln/Raven's Friend

Lea Michelle As Carrie Nichols/Raven's Older Sister

Derek Mears As Stranger/The Killer


Carrie Nichols- stabbed in the back an ax

Travis Lilcon-beheaded with an ax

May Liu-his face collided with the bathroom mirror

Amber Reynolds-stabbed in the neck with the ax

James Prescott-pushed the 5th floor window

Jerry Cornan-throat sliced an ax

Chris stamos-chest and neck severed

Chloe Fitz-stabbed in the heart with ax

Ron Hargensen-hand crushed with garbage disposal and tv on your face

Alex Jones-stabbed in the neck with the ax

Tom Hardy-pierced with a steel rod

kimberly Watson-hanged and broken neck

Stephen Wesley-ax in the backStranger-

Stranger-stabbed in stomach with ax burned alive and beheaded by raven


Raven Nichol's

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