Ronno is a deer and the overall main antagonist of The Enchanted Forest series. He served as Bambi's arch nemesis.


Ronno starts off as a teenage deer who plots on taking over the woodland along with an army of his followers and Goldar. Ronno even tried to steal Faline from Bambi twice. But Bambi foiled Ronno. Goldar reformed and was no longer on Ronno's side. In the series finale - Ronno returned as an adult stag who picks a fight with an adult Bambi. During a fire accident in The Enchanted Forest - Bambi and Ronno tried to kill each other on the top of a cliff. But Tod the Fox rescued Bambi and they escaped. Ronno tried to catch Bambi in a blind rage. But Ronno accidentally fell off the cliff and into the burning forest below.


  • A teenage Ronno is voiced by Jason Marsden in the series.
  • Ronno names his antlers Stab and Jab.
  • An adult Ronno is voiced by Domhnall Gleeson in the series finale.
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