The Romanian Mountain Dragon Is A Species Of Dragon And Avian Reptile That Lived From The Late Pleistocene To The Middle Ages


The Romanian Mountain Dragon Is Similair To The First Dragon But It Has Many Of It’s Own Features, Such As Long Wings, A Spear Like Spike At The End Of Its Tail, Four Limbs Like The Forest And Aquatic Dragon, And A Spiky Crest.

Male Mountain Dragons Can Grow To Be 19 Feet Tall While Females Can Grow To Be 21 Feet, When Mountain Dragons Are Born They Are Usually The Size Of An Average Toddler, Once In Adolescent/Teenage Stage They Can Grow To Be Half The Size Of A Male Dragon.


A Romanian Mountain Dragons Diet Consists Of Mostly Livestock Such As Pigs,Sheep,Cattle,And More, However When They First Appeared They Fed On Mammoth Until The Mammoths Went Extinct Due To Being Hunted To Extinction.



Just Like The First Dragons, Romanian Mountain Dragons Had An Organ Called A “Flight Bladder“ And Light Bones So It Could Possibly To Fill There Body With Enough Air Or Hydrogen To Lift Themselves Into The Air And Use There Wings For Extra Support.

Fire Breathing

Though This Might Seem Impossible It Could Have Been Possible, The Bombardier Beetle Is An Example Of Creatures Using Pyrotechnics To Defend Themselves, The Bombardier Beetle Can’t Breath Fire But It Can Produce A Liquid Hot Enough To Burn Its Prey, Which Is Probably A Way Romanian Mountain Dragons Used There Fire Breath. 


Though They Haven’t Been Extinct Along Enough To Be Entirely Fossils, We Still Have Some Skin Of The Dragon, One Of The Most Famous Of These Findings Are A Mother And Daughter Dragon Laying Together With The Mother Having Her Wing Around The Juveniles Body Covering It For Warmth.


The Romanian Mountain Dragons Were Thought To Be Hunted To Extinction But During The Middle Ages A Family Of The Last Romanian Mountain Dragons Where Found, Sadly They Where Killed By A Group Of Romanians Causing The Last Of The Dragons To Go Extinct.

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