Roller Coaster Goofer is a 1991 short, starring Wakko C. Goofer and Weldon the IT Guy, that was shown before the feature The Burgers: Escape 2 Australia. It is the second animated Wakko C. Goofer short, produced after the 1989 film Nanoboy The Movie. It was made by Thunderstone Pictures and Matthew Mouse Productions.

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The cartoon characters that make cameos appearances in this short include:


  • The title card at the start of the film states that this film was made in 1957, the year Nanoboy The Movie was set in.
  • This is the only Wakko C. Goofer short to not be included on a film's home video release.
  • The short's only home video release was on The Best of Wakko C. Goofer, following after Foxy Trouble and preceding Trailer Minder.
  • This was the only one of the three Wakko C. Goofer shorts to get a PG-13 rating. The given reason takes place in the bull scene where Wakko lands head first in manure and Weldon grabs the bull by his groin, thinking it is a balloon (albeit it was hidden by the balloon).
  • This short was filmed at Shires MGM Studios in 1990.

Home video releases



  • The Best of Wakko C. Goofer



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