These are the episodes of Video Game Survivor


The worst mistake I made Part 1

Pac-Man: Here we are on video game survivor where we have 60 contestants and our first contestant is Mario.

Mario: It's a me, Mario.

Pac-Man: What's up Mario?

Mario: Hey Pac-Man, isn't this a camp?

Pac-Man: No, it is not. The next to come are Luigi and Yoshi

Luigi: Look Yoshi, it's Mario.

Yoshi: I know right.

Pac-Man: The next contestants to come are Link and Zelda.

Link: Who are you? (holding his sword out in front of Mario)

Luigi: Please don't hurt him. He's innocent.

Link: Fine. (putting his sword away)

The next boat came with Team King Dedede.

King Dedede: Go Team King Dedede!

Kirby: Yeah!

Meta Knight: Wait, whoever said I was on Team King Dedede?

Kirby: He did. (pointing at King Dedede)

Pac-Man: Good point Kirby. The next contestant is a Pokémon Trainer named Red.

Red: (Thinking about the Beef he ate that tasted very good) My name is Beef. I mean Red!

Everyone: (laughing) Beef.

Red: No I'm Red.

Mario: No your'e Beef Jerky.

Red: No I am not.

Luigi: Whatever.

Pac-Man: The next contestants will be Team Sonic.

The boat crashed and Sonic, Tails and Knuckles jumped out.

Sonic: Sonic's my name, Speed's my game.

Tails: Hello, my name is Tails.

Knuckles: Who would like to have a fist fight?

King Dedede: I would.

Knuckles: Okay.

Knuckles won.

King Dedede: Darn it.

Pac-Man: Next we have Princess Peach.

Peach: Mario!

Mario: Peach!

Mario and Peach kissed.

Pac-Man: Ahhhh.

The next contestant to come was Simon Belmont.

Simon: It's been an honor coming here. (bending down and kissing Peach's Hand)

Pac-Man: Simon, I hope Mario knows about Royal life because he can get mad you for kissing Peach. The next contestants will be Shadow and Rouge.

Shadow: I don't know why we came here.

Rouge: We came here for the treasure remember.

Shadow: Oh yeah.

Sonic: Shadow, Rouge I did not expect you to come.

Tails: Me neither.

Knuckles: I did.

Pac-Man: The next contestant is Kirby's friend Knuckle Joe.

Knuckle Joe: Hi Kirby, hi Meta Knight, hi King Dedede.

Kirby: Hi.

Meta Knight: Hello.

Knuckle Joe: What about you King Dedede, can't I join the team.

King Dedede: No.

Knuckle Joe: No?

King Dedede: No!

Knuckle Joe: Darn it.

Pac-Man: The next boat has arrived and it has a mouse named Pikachu in it.

Pikachu: Pika-pika (Hello)

Peach: Ahh he's so cute.

Bill Rizer secretly got on the island by jumping off the boat at the wrong time.

Bill: Pac-Man, I'm here.

Pac-Man: How did you get here without me noticing.

Bill: I don't know.

Pac-Man: Okay. Our next contestants are Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit.

Amy: Hey look it's Sonic!

Cream: There's Tails and Knuckles too.

Both: There's even Shadow and Rouge.

Pac-Man: I have not told any of you but have a seat over there. Our next contestants are the four who saved the world, Lloyd, Kratos, Genis and Colette.

Lloyd: I am Lloyd Irving.

Kratos: I'm his father.

Lloyd: Kratos, don't embaress me.

Kratos: Fine.

Genis: Lloyd, why do you call your father by his real name.

Lloyd: Shut up Genis. (Slapped him across the face)

Colette: Stop doing that Lloyd.

Pac-Man: You four sit down. The next contestant is Lucario.

Lucario: Hello Pikachu and Red.

Pikachu: Pika-pika. (Hello Lucario)

Red: Finally somone didn't call me Beef.

Lloyd and Genis: (laughing) Beef.

Link: He said his name was Beef when he got here.

Kratos: This isn't funny.

Colette: Kratos is right, you guys.

Pac-Man: He acctually did Kratos. The next contestants are Ness, Lucas and Ninten.

Ness: This is awesome.

Lucas: And scary.

Ninten: Relax Lucas.

Bill: Your'e gonna have to become a man someday.

Lucas: I know.

Pac-Man: Oh no, another boat crashed, and it has four people in it, Marth, Roy, Ike and Lyn.

Marth: This place looks familiar.

Ike: Youv'e never been here you idiot.

Marth: Oh yeah.

Roy: Didn't you want to go camping Lyn.

Lyn: I sure did.

Roy: Well, here we are.

Pac-Man: Acctually, This is not a camp.

Roy and Lyn: What?

Pac-Man: No, it's not now go sit down and the next contestant is NiGHTS.

NiGHTS: Oh, you look hot. (looking at Ike)

Ike: Get away from me.

NiGHTS: Come on.

Marth: She likes you Ike.

Ike: I know.

Pac-Man: You will get use to her Ike. Our next contestants are Silver and Blaze.

Silver: Check it out Blaze.

Blaze: I know.

Sonic: Silver, Blaze long time no see.

Pac-Man: Silver, Blaze have a seat.

Silver and Blaze sat down.

Pac-Man: Here comes our next contestant who's name is Zero Suit Samus, not because she has zero suits, because she is in her Zero Suit, but just call her Samus.

Samus: Hi.

Marth: (nervous) Is there anything I can do for you?

Samus: Yes.

Marth: What?

Samus: (Hands him a brick) Throw this at Pac-Man.

Marth threw it but it missed.

Pac-Man: Ha ha Marth.

Marth: Whatever.

Pac-Man: Our next contestant is Sora.

Sora: Hey Pac-Man, are Donald and Goofy coming?

Pac-Man: No.

Sora: Darn it.

Pac-Man: Our next contestant is Cloud Strife.

Roy: A cloud as a contestant.

Ike: Thats stupid.

Cloud: Who's calling me a puffy water pillow.

Marth: Them. (pointing at Roy and Ike)

Pac-Man: Cloud have a seat.

Cloud sat down.

Pac-Man: Our next contestant is Master Chief.

Master Chief: Why am I here with a bunch of chickens.

Mario: Were not chickens.

Luigi: Yeah, we don't say bawk bawk.

Yoshi: True.

Master Chief: Hey, you don't even look beefy. (Pointing at Red)

Red: Hey look guys, I found another person who won't call me beef.

Master Chief: What do you mean?

Red: You see, everyone here is calling me Beef.

Sora: Hey, from now on I am calling you beef.

Pac-Man: Sora, have a seat, our next contestant is Wario.

Wario: All right, wheres the money around here?

Pac-Man: Theres none, except for mine and the money I will give to the winner.

Wario: Did I win?

Pac-Man: You might, now have a seat and our next contestants are Fox Mcloud and Falco Lombardi.

Fox: All right Falco, here we are.

Falco: Fox, did you bring Slippy, Peppy, and Krystal?

Fox: No.

Falco: Why not?

Fox: Reasons.

Pac-Man: I don't mean to cut you off but have a seat because Ryu just got here.

Ryu wall jumped off the boat.

Simon: Thats like the coolest thing ever.

Master Chief: I know.

Bill: I wish I could do that.

Ryu: You can.

Bill: No I can't.

Ryu: You just need to believe in yourself.

Bill: Easy to say for you because your'e a ninja.

Ryu: That does not matter.

Pac-Man: Ryu, have a seat and our next contestants are Snake, Otacon, Meiling, and the Colonel.

Snake: It's so awesome to be here.

Otacon: I can't believe we are actually here.

Mei Ling: It's so unbelievable.

Snake: This is like the best place ever.

Otacon: I never wan't to leave.

Mei Ling: This is such a great place.

Snake: No place is better than this.'

Otacon: It's just to cool.

Mei Ling: I wish I could be here every day.

Colonel: Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!

Every one covered their ears.

Snake: Not so loud Colonel.

Pac-Man: That is so loud I can't remember which contestant is next. Oh wait, they are Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.

Donkey Kong: Do we get free bananas.

Pac-Man: If you can find them, yes.

Diddy Kong: Where could we.

Pac-Man: In the forest. Now have a seat because now Grubba is here.

Grubba: Howdy partner, my name is Grubba.

Mario: I think I know you from somewhere.

Grubba: Hey, your'e the Great Gonzalez.

Mario: Now, I remember you.

Pac-Man: Grubba, have a seat. Our next contestants are Megaman and Zero.

Megaman: Hey, we are finally here.

Zero: I don't know how long it took us to get here but I don't care anymore.

Pac-Man: Megaman, Zero, have a seat. Now before our next contestant comes I want to tell you something.

Everyone else: Yeah.

Pac-Man: I decided to add villains to the show.

Link: What?

Mario: You can't be serious.

Pac-Man: I am. Our next contestant is Reala.

NiGHTS: No way, you can't be serious.

Reala: He is NiGHTS.

NiGHTS: Pac-Man, why would you let him on the show?

Pac-Man: I just needed some villains. Our next villain is Dr. Eggman.

Dr. Eggman: Well Sonic, did you expect me to come?

Sonic: Tails, Knuckles I'm gonna need some help.

Pac-Man: Our next villain is Mephiles the Dark.

Shadow: Rouge, please don't tell me we didn't bring Omega.

Rouge: I hate to tell you this, but I di.

Mephiles: Ha ha Shadow, what are you gonna do now.

Pac-Man: Eggman, Mephiles, have a seat. Our next villain is Ganondorf.

Ganondorf: Well well well, if it isn't Link and Zelda.

Link: What do you want Ganondorf?

Zelda: We don't want you messing with us anymore.

Ganondorf: I will think about that. Idiots.

Pac-Man: Our next villain is Bass.

Bass: Hi Megaman, Hi Zero.

Megaman: Don't say a word.

Zero: No more beating us up.

Bass: I will take that as a no.

Pac-Man: We have one more villain left.

Silver: Is he Iblis?

Blaze: He better not be.

Pac-Man: He's not. He's Bowser who is like Iblis.

Mario: Oh no it's Bowser.

Luigi: Why, Pac-Man why.

Bowser: Mario, wait till you see me take Peach again.

Peach: Mario don't let him.

Mario; I won't.

Pac-Man: I forgot that there was only 59 of you so I need one more. His name is Mr. Game & Watch.

Mr. Game & Watch: Beep beep, beep beep beep.

Colette: Is he cursing.

Pac-Man: I don't know, mabye. Now I want to put you on teams. Our first team is the Red Fire and they are Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Wario, Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Knuckle Joe, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Dr. Eggman, Mephiles, Ness, Lucas, Ninten, Simon, Bill, Ryu, Master Chief, Snake, Otacon, Colonel, Mei Ling, Sora and Cloud.

Sonic: But what about Amy, Cream, Silver and Blaze.

Pac-Man: Our second team is the Blue Tornado's and they are Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Grubba, Pikachu, Beef, Lucario, Amy, Cream, Silver, Blaze, Fox, Falco, Samus, Marth, Ike, Roy, Lyn, Mr. Game & Watch, NiGHTS, Reala, Megaman, Zero, Bass, Lloyd, Kratos, Genis and Colette.

Red: My name is Red, not beef.

Link: Why do I have to be on the same team as Ganondorf?

Ganondorf: Can we trade?

Pac-Man: No. Okay let me take you to your'e cabins.

The Red Fire went inside there cabins.

Mario: Do you want to bunk with me Luigi?

Luigi: Sure.

Yoshi: What about me?

Mario: Don't worry Yoshi, I wil find someone for you.

Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede and Knuckle Joe went over to a bunk.

Kirby: How are we going to work this out?

King Dedede: I know, I will bunk with Meta Knight and Kirby, you can bunk with Knuckle Joe.

Meta Knight: No, I will bunk with Kirby and you bunk with Knuckle Joe.

King Dedede: No way I'm bunking with him.

Knuckle Joe: Mabye I can bunk with Meta Knight and you can bunk with Kirby

Ness, Lucas, and Ninten went over to a bunk.

Ness: How are we all gonna bunk together?

Lucas: Mabye one of us can sleep under the bed.

Ness: No, that's uncomfortable.

Ninten: I have a plan.

He pulled out a book of blank pieces of paper.

Ninten: Here it is, I go to the bed, I shrink the bed, I kidnap the bed, I sit on the toilet. Hey, who put his here?

On thi page it said Drawn by Lucas.

Ninten: Lucas.

Lucas: (laughing)

The Blue tornados went in there cabin.

Red: Do you want to bunk with me Pikachu?

Lucario: What about me Pikachu?

Pikachu: Pika pika (I don't know who I want to bunk with).

Marth, Roy and Ike went inside.

Marth: Ike, Roy bunk together, I will bunk with Link.

Ike: Sounds good.

Pac-Man: Allright contestants let's get going.

The worst mistake I made Part 2

Pac-Man: Okay contestants, our first challenge is...

He burnt down their cabins.

Pac-Man:...building your'e huts.

Red: Were any of our stuff in there?

Pac-Man: No Beef, there wasn't.

Red: Thats good.

Pikachu: Pika pika (Lets get started)

Pac-Man: Wait, before we get started I have some rules around the island.

Everyone: Yeah.

Pac-Man: First thing is the confessional.

Wario: (In the confessional) Yeah, I'm the first one in here and your'e not.

Pac-Man: You can keep your'e deepest darkest secrets in there.

Mario: Do you listen in on our secrets?

Pac-Man: Sometimes.

Luigi: Will you tell anyone them?

Pac-Man: No.

Yoshi: Good.

Wario: Come on I want my money.

Pac-Man: I forgot to mention, the winner of Video Game Survivor will be rewarded with Four Million dollars.

Sonic: Why four million and not one million?

Pac-Man: Because a lot of it will go to the government.

Link: I see.

Zelda: I wonder what I would do with that much money.

Link: I know right, with all that money I can start an all new life.

Ganondorf: Hey idiot, haven't you forgotten that we need to win this challenge today.

Pac-Man: Hold on Ganondorf, if you want to do the challenge, you need to know how to do it.

Ganondorf: Okay, how do you do it.

Pac-Man: Each team has to build a hut, which ever team has the better one will be rewarded with marshmallows, the losing team has to vote someone off. Also, you may use whatever you want to make your hut, I don't care.

Sonic: Ready everybody.

Mario: Hey, I thought I was the captain.

Sonic: You are.

Mario: Good.

Pac-Man: Okay, Red Fire, take that side and Blue Tornadoes take that side.

The Red Fire are working on their hut

Mario: Okay, who has an idea of building a hut.

Kirby: I can borrow Amy's hammer.

Luigi: You can but I don't think she'd let you.

Kirby: Sure she will watch this, Amy can I borrow your'e hammer, I need it for the hut?

Amy pulled out her hammer.

Kirby: Yay!

Amy: Here you go. (Hitting him with the hammer)

Kirby: Ouch, that hurt. (Crying)

Amy: (Angry) Don't ask again.

King Dedede: Kirby, don't cry I have a hammer we can use and besides, she's on the other team.

Meta Knight: Do you think he will be okay Otacon.

Otacon: He should be okay.

The Blue Tornadoes are working on their hut

Silver: Okay, it's simple, I just use my Psychokinesis to hold it up.

Blaze: You would get tired.

Silver: No I wouldn't.

Blaze: Yes you would, everyone gets tired when they use their powers for a long time, even I get tired when I use my flames, ask Zelda if she gets tired of using her psychic powers, or if Link gets tired of throwing his Boomerangs.

Silver: (Face palms himself) Why am I so dumb?

Blaze: You're so negative Silver.

Silver: Are you really that smart?

Blaze: You're so naive.

Ganondorf: Hey Silver I can make you smarter.

Silver: Really.

Ganondorf: Yes, just read a notebook that has nothing written in it 100 times.

Silver: Okay. (Starts reading) Wait how do I read something that has nothing to read?

Ganondorf: (Punches Silver in the face) Ha ha, you are so gullible Silver.

Blaze: I was just about to say that.

Ganondorf: (Throws Silver at Link) Ha ha I just threw someone I just met at my worst enemy.

Blaze: Silver, are you okay?

Zelda: Link, are you alright?

Silver: I'm fine. (gets up and uses psychokinesis to throw Ganondorf)

Link: Zelda, I'm fine.

Ganondorf: Ha, your psychic stuff wont work on me, I have a high defense.

Meanwhile with the Red Fire

Mario: Okay how do we build a hut?

Luigi: I don't know, does anyone know how to build a hut?

Eggman: I do.

Mario and Luigi: You do.

Eggman: Yes, I have an IQ of 300 of course I do.

Tails: Hey, I know how to build one too!

Eggman: Fine, you can help, but remember everyone has to help if we want marshmallows.

Bowser: Hey look everybody, I found some wood.

Eggman: Perfect, now let me take a look at each plank of wood and see which ones we can use.

Sonic: Eggman, I know we hate each other, but I think we will make a good team on this show.

Eggman: Don't have your hopes to high Sonic, don't forget that I'm going to win.

Sonic: You say that you will win, when there is 60 contestants on this show.

Eggman: Don't forget that I am the smartest on this show.

Sonic: What about Tails.

Tails: Guys lets get to work already., the Blue Tornadoes are starting to beat us.

Back to the Blue Tornadoes

Zero: Where does this piece go? (holding a leaf)

Bass: Zero, thats a leaf you idiot, not a piece of the hut.

Megaman: Sorry Zero, I have to agree with him.

Genis: Actually, that leaf could be used for a roof, if we can find more leaves.

Grubba: Hey guys, I want to win already.

Pikachu: Pika pi. (I agree)

Red: Pikachu's right.

Bass: Whoever said you could get into this conversation Beef.

Lloyd: Bass, were a Team, Beef has every right to be in this conversation.

Bass: Shut up Tomato shirt.

Lloyd: I hate tomatoes.

Link: I'm the captain of this team and I say we stop arguing and get back to work.

Silver: I say we go with my idea.

Ganondorf: I thought Miss whiskers told you it was a horrible idea.

Blaze: (In the Confessional) Miss Whiskers? Seriously, is that the best you can do, I may be a cat, but I don't think I have any whiskers, (looks in a mirror) no I don't.

Amy: (In the Confessional) I hate being seperated from Sonic, it's like a couple being seperated from each other.

Back with Red Fire

Mario: Guys, our hut is halfway done.

Eggman: We would be done already if Sonic never started talking.

Knuckles: Eggman, you got in the argument too, you really can't blame him.

To be continued

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