Roho Joo
The Courage of New Star
The First Lightning Star
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Family Dillain Joo (father)
Jinja in Power Ranger or Misaki Ayuzawa in Super Sentai (mother)
Samuel Joo (grandfather)
Eureka (grandmother)
Status Alive
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Hair Color {{{hair}}}
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Affiliation Army of Universe
Weapons Monsloader
Species Human-Coralian
Home Bago Island
Quests None
Performer None

Roho Joo (ロホージュ, Rohō Ju) was the main character and the son of Dillain and Jinja (in Power Rangers) or Misaki (in Super Sentai).

Roho's Stages

Roho Egg form

After Jinja/or Misaki give birth, the egg was moved to Samuel's lab and check their egg data.

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