Rodrigues saddleback greater tortoise (SciiFii)

Rodriguez saddleback greater tortoise (SciiFii).jpg

The Rodrigues saddleback greater tortoise (Cylindraspis vosmaeri) is one of the two originally extinct giant tortoises of the island of Rodrigues, the other being the domed Rodrigues giant tortoise. These tortoises were once extinct since 1800, but has since been brought back from extinction by SciiFii before reintroducing them back to Rodriguez, and the tortoises are common in captivity, even in Cenozoic Park. Their closest living cousin is the Aldabra giant tortoise, native to the Seychelles. The conservation status of the Rodriguez saddleback greater tortoise is Vulnerable due to competition from feral domestic livestock, however, the conservationists have since protected Rodriguez saddleback greater tortoises and the feral livestock are almost completely eradicated.

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