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Rocko and the Owls is a stop motion animated television series seen on CITV in 1999 and 2000. The show was animated by Charles Hill Films and created by Izzy Michaels and Shanti Nelson.

Main Characters

  • Rocko (voiced by Ryan Drummond)
  • Ernest (voiced by Corey Bringas)
  • Bert (voiced by Michael McGaharn)
  • Wanda (voiced by Jennifer Douillard)
  • Thomas (voiced by Jon St. John)
  • Douglas (voiced by Steve Brodie)
  • Andrew (voiced by Deem Bristow)
  • Bianca (voiced by Elara Distler)
  • Angie (voiced by Lani Minella)


  • List of Rocko and the Owls episodes

Voice Cast:

  • Ryan Drummond as Rocko
  • Corey Bringas as Ernest
  • Michael McGaharn as Bert
  • Jennifer Douillard as Wanda
  • Jon St. John as Thomas
  • Steve Brodie as Douglas
  • Deem Bristow as Andrew
  • Elara Distler as Bianca
  • Lani Minella as Angie