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The Rocket Runner is the name of Tara's constructed roller coaster. Like the name suggests, It is a colossal roller coaster that goes through the entire town at breakneck speed. Amethyst and Midnight Sparkle ended the track onto a highway road instead of Tara's yard. Which causes the coaster to go off course being swung, flung, and thrown all over the place.  


Tara says that she was inspired by the TV show "Phineas and Ferb" to build the coaster. But Amethyst and Midnight Sparkle (the building angels) took over the job to create one.

Design & Construction

Amethyst & Midnight gave features of the coaster such as 10 or more cars for most of Tara's friends to fit in. The coaster is designed with solid fuels, corkscrews, and a rocket engiene for the coaster to go breakneck speed.


Amethyst & Midnight secretly puts up fliers, one of which is at the Ocean breeze park. Tina takes the flier to attract her friends to the ride.

Both of the angels then hid the coaster in a huge circus tent so they can finish it privately without anyone noticing. Once the coaster is unvelied, Everyone is awestruck and wants to ride it.

Riding the Coaster

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