Rocket Girl and Taito is a South Korean cartoon series that originally aired on CBBC in 2008. The show was set in space and the main characters consisted of Rocket Girl, Clarence, Victor, Grandma Sun, and Taito, Rocket Girl's sheep assistant.

The show is mainly about Rocket Girl and his friends delivering parcels to different galaxies and planets around space. During the course of the series they are always slowed down by Dr. Wheels (an evil super computer with the brain the size of a planet), and his henchman, Trash (who always tends to fail his missions). Dr. Wheels is always trying to capture Rocket Girl so he can learn the secret of his speed, but no matter how hard he tries, Rocket Girl and his friends always seem to come out on top.

The show was created by Newcomer Studio Luna Studios, Charles Hill Films and Jewel Studios.

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