Rock and Crow is a 1992 American animated film produced by Reynolds Webb Studios, Matthew Mouse Productions and Melvin Productions and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Orion Pictures.


A man named Mr. Anderson gets transformed into a Rooster Named China and helps Disabled Animals Named After countries fit in. He also learns that he has the ability to do a really loud crow to scare away bad guys.

Live-Action Cast:


The Animals’ Issues

  1. Eyeball: Can’t See, But smells and hears really well to make sure he doesn’t bump into things.
  2. Pakistan: Can’t Tie His Shoes correctly and ends up tangling them together, so he constantly asks his friends for help,
  3. Peru: Has Stage Fright, and every time she is on the stage, She runs around like a cheetah.
  4. Serbia: Is Claustrophobic and Constantly pecks like a woodpecker when in tight places.
  5. Moldova: Is Afraid of The Dark, and can’t sleep at night if the power goes out.
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