(At snow mountain bodi and darma see brodi to watching out the window see all the sheeps and his grandfather Khampa so then bodi and darma talk to brodi)

Bodi: Brodi?

Brodi: Yes dad?

Bodi: Brodi want you want in the family?

Brodi: I want Twins Could be Boys or Girls

Bodi: Brodi you want twins?

Brodi: yes

(Darma was pregnant again and then she show to bodi and brodi)

Brodi: Mom you're pregnant

Darma: Yes brodi i am pregnant

(bodi darma and brodi  went to Rock'n'roll hospital so then nurse spread the gel on darma's belly and turn on the x-ray to show the twins is inside)

Nurse: so let me tell you three

Brodi: is it a Boys or Girls?

Nurse: i don't know we will find out they will come out later

Brodi: Okay Nurse

(at Angus' mansion so then brodi look at ozzie and talks to ozzie)

Brodi: Ozzie i remember you since i was a puppy

Ozzie: Oh yes brodi you remember me

(Bodi Darma and Angus talks on the table)

Bodi: if we don't make it to the hospital that means the baby will come out early

Angus: mate i know she will lay down on my bed means the baby will come out

Darma: i sure it was amazing i know brodi remembers ozzie good---

(Darma's water broke so then angus to put darma on angus bed and bodi holds darma's arms)

Angus: Okay darma just push

(so then darma push one male fox and one female mastiff)

(Ozzie holds baby male fox and baby female mastiff and give it to bodi and darma so then brodi came to see them)

Brodi: is it a boy or a girl?

Angus: i guess it's both

Brodi: wow one mastiff and one fox

Bodi: look at them brodi

Darma: they're so cute

Brodi: what you gonna name them?

Darma: i'm gonna name them Drodi and Drama

Brodi: i like it

(At night on Angus' mansion so then Bodi'Darma'Angus'Brodi'Drodi and Drama are fast asleep in angus' room)

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