Rock Band 5 Promotional Artwork

Rock Band 5 is a upcoming video game that is the sequel to the 2015 music rhythm game smasher, Rock Band 4. The game was developed mainly by Harmonix Music Studios, with the help of Rockstar Games, after both companies made a deal with each other to work on the game. Spotify, the company, served as the music liscence director for the game due to their connections with the music industry, making it easier to get songs for the game. Rock Band 5 contains a total of 63 on-disc songs. All previous peripherals are back again for the game, and the keyboard (introduced in Rock Band 3) is present in the game, after its absence in the previous installment of the franchise.


According to Harmonix, thought for the next Rock Band game came around 2017. While Rock Band 4 was a hit seller, it was penned down by credits and fans alike as being the "weakest" Rock Band game in the series, this is probably due to the fact that Rock Band 4 is the only Rock Band game that Harmonix worked on independently, without a major backer to help them in the makings of the game.

To avoid making Rock Band 5 another weak entry in the series, Harmonix started seeking for a bigger video game developmer studio/publisher to buy them. Originally EA was gonna buy the indie studio like it did in 2007, but Harmonix backed down on their deal, due to what happened last time. One of the workers at Harmonix studios, who was friends with the head manager of Rockstar games back then asked him if his company would be interested in buying Harmonix for the planned Rock Band 5 game.

A few weeks later, Rockstar games made a deal with Harmonix to partially own the rights to the Rock Band franchise, only, but they wouldn't buy the indie studio itself. After the deal was made, the Rock Band 5 was green lit, and early production stages for the game started.


Rock Band 5 allows for 1–7 players, either locally or through online game services, to use various instrument controllers to accurately simulate the playing of music. In addition to supporting the four Basic instrument controllers from previous Rock Band games (lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals), Rock Band 5 adds support for two additional microphones for singers to provide backup vocal harmonies (previously found in The Beatles: Rock Band and Green Day: Rock Band), an electric keyboard as a re-introduced instrument (or any MIDI-compatible keyboard). The game also works for MIDI compatible electronic drum kits as well.

Song List

Decade Song title Artist Band Career Venue
2000s "Young Folks" Peter Bjorn and John Georgia State High School
2000s "Stacy's Mom" Fountains of Wayne Georgia State High School
1980s "Girls, Girls, Girls" Motley Crue Georgia State High School
1990s "Loser" Beck Georgia State High School
2010s "Torn To Pieces" Pop Evil Georgia State High School
2010s "Carry On" Fun. Georgia State High School (Encore)
2000s "Perfect Day" Hoku New York Cafe
2010s "The Walker" Fitz and The Tantrums New York Cafe
1990s "She's So High" Tal Bachman New York Cafe
1960s "All Day and All Of The Night" The Kinks New York Cafe
1970s "I Can't Explain" The Who New York Cafe (Encore)
2010s "Come With Me Now" KONGOS The Woodstrucks Festival, Canada
1960s "Five To One" The Doors The Woodstrucks Festival, Canada
2010s "From The Pinnacle To The Pit" Ghost B.C. The Woodstrucks Festival, Canada
2000s "Chasing Cars" Snow Patrol The Woodstrucks Festival, Canada
1980s "Voices Carry" Til Tuesday The Woodstrucks Festival, Canada (Encore)
2010s "Stressed Out" Twenty One Pilots Las Vegas, Stratosphere Casino
2010s "Gold On The Ceiling" The Black Keys Las Vegas, Stratosphere Casino
1980s "I Can't Wait" Stevie Nicks Las Vegas, Stratosphere Casino
1980s "Eyes Without A Face" Billy Idol Las Vegas, Stratosphere Casino
2000s "Kids" MGMT Las Vegas, Stratosphere Casino
2000s "Papercut" Linkin Park Las Vegas, Stratosphere Casino
2010s "Radioactive" Imagine Dragons Las Vegas, Stratosphere Casino (Encore)
2000s "Welcome To My Life" Simple Plan Mexico, Carnival of Lights
2010s "Battle Born" Five Finger Death Punch Mexico, Carnival of Lights
1980s "Bastards of Young" The Replacements Mexico, Carnival of Lights
1970s "If You Want Blood (You've Got It)" AC/DC Mexico, Carnival of Lights
1970s "Children of the Grave" Black Sabbath Mexico, Carnival of Lights
2010s "Take Me To Church" Take Me To Church Mexico, Carnival of Lights (Encore)
2010s " America's Sweetheart" Elle King L.A. Seaside Yacht
1980s "Easy Lover" Phillip Bailey L.A. Seaside Yacht
2010s "Going To Hell" The Pretty Reckless L.A. Seaside Yacht
2010s "Cool For The Summer" Demi Lovato L.A. Seaside Yacht
2000s "Walking On A Dream" Empire of the Sun L.A. Seaside Yacht
1980s "Sailing" Christopher Cross L.A. Seaside Yacht (Encore)
2010s "Ain't It Fun" Paramore Tokyo Arcadium Wonderland
2010s "Pompeii" Bastille Tokyo Arcadium Wonderland
1970s "The Saxophone Song" Kate Bush Tokyo Arcadium Wonderland
1990s "Until It Sleeps" Metallica Tokyo Arcadium Wonderland
2010s "Nuclear" Mike Oldfield Tokyo Arcadium Wonderland (Encore)
1990s "1979" Smashing Pumpkins Australian Stadium
1980s "Stone Cold" Rainbow Australian Stadium
1970s "Another Girl, Another Planet" The Only Ones Australian Stadium
1990s "Better Man" Pearl Jam Australian Stadium
2000s "Untouched" The Veronicas Australian Stadium (Encore)
1980s "I Wanna Rock" Twisted Sister Pyramids Concert, Egypt
1990s "Zombie" The Cranberries Pyramids Concert, Egypt
1990s "Stop!" Jane's Addiction Pyramids Concert, Egypt
1980s "Africa" Toto Pyramids Concert, Egypt
1970s "Blinded By The Light" Mannfred Mann's Earth Band Pyramids Concert, Egypt (Encore)
1960s "Have You Seen Her Face" The Byrds Millionaire Mansion Party, Denmark
1980s "Broken Wings" Mr. Mister Millionaire Mansion Party, Denmark
2000s "Painted By Numbers" The Sounds Millionaire Mansion Party, Denmark
1970s "Cat's In The Cradle" Harry Chapin Millionaire Mansion Party, Denmark (Encore)
1960s "Ogdens Nut Gone Flake" The Small Faces Dreamscape
1980s "Everywhere" Fleetwood Mac Dreamscape
2000s "Bloodshed" Amon Amarth Dreamscape
1960s "Happy Together" The Turtles Dreamscape
1970s "Changes" David Bowie Dreamscape
1990s "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" Aerosmith Dreamscape (Encore)
1990s "Iris" Goo Goo Dolls U.K., The Inner Glass Ball Festival
1990s "Bitter Sweet Symphony" The Verve U.K., The Inner Glass Ball Festival
1970s "Comfortably Numb" Pink Floyd U.K., The Inner Glass Ball Festival (Encore:Big Finale)


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