Robotboy: Age of Maximus is an upcoming science-fiction live-action comedy film based on the animated TV series and sequel to the first Robotboy live-action film. It is starring Laurence Bouvard, Ross Lynch, Noah Munck and China Anne McClain, and Megan Messina. It is directed by Michael Bay.


Tommy Turnbull and Robotboy team up with Gus and Lola and a new group of humans, led by an 18 year old inventor and engineer named Emily Hartford, as they go face-to-face with an unexplained evil.


Robotboy and Robotgirl save Tommy, Lola, and Gus and escape Kaziland. Suddenly, Lord Maximus and his army arrive and attack. Robotboy and Robotgirl both superactivate and fight their army, but Maximus' army caused Robotboy to separate from Robotgirl, Tommy, Lola, and Gus. Maximus' army severely damages Robotboy and his weapon systems, causing him to retreat. Robotboy retreats to the countryside of Houston, Texas, hides in a robot shop, and collapses from his injuries.

The next morning,



  • Emily Hartford: Oh my... (Robotboy wakes up and angrily gets up, he was still superactivated, but he's damaged badly)
  • Robotboy (superactivated): I'll get you! No! No! (Just then, Ruby runs in and Emily gets hold of her)
  • Ruby Robinson: Emily, there's a missile in your mom's... Emily! (Robotboy points his weapon at Emily and Ruby)
  • Robotboy (superactivated): I'll kill you! Stay back!
  • Emily Hartford: Oh, no. Don't shoot. Don't shoot!
  • Mac Martin: Call 911! Run! (As Mac starts to run off Robotboy knocks him down)
  • Emily Hartford: Mac, no!
  • Robotboy (superactivated): Stop!
  • Emily Hartford: Mac? Don't move, just calm down.
  • Robotboy (superactivated): Easy.
  • Emily Hartford: (to Ruby; referring to Robotboy) Stay there. He's not gonna hurt us. (Emily slowly walks towards Robotboy)
  • Robotboy (superactivated): My weapon systems, they're damaged.
  • Emily Hartford: A missile hit your chest, I found you lying there unconscious, and we took it out of you. You're hurt really bad. I'm just trying to help you. You're in my home now. I'm a young 18 year old engineer, my name is Emily Hartford.
  • Robotboy (superactivated): Emily, I should thank you enough for helping me.
  • Emily Hartford: What's your name?
  • Robotboy (superactivated): My name is Robotboy, I was created by Professor Moshimo and sent to Tommy Turnbull. I just got separated from my friends, and now they're in danger. (Suddenly, Robotboy collapses onto his knees looking badly injured) I need to go. I need to go now.
  • Emily Hartford: How far you think you're gonna get? Ruby, come here. He needs our help. What happened to you?
  • Robotboy (superactivated): An ambush, a trap, set by Lord Maximus. Maximus is the very definiton of evil and terrorism. He's half alien and half human.
  • Ruby Robinson: But I thought he's a human like us. Why would he do this to you?
  • Robotboy (superactivated): They were not alone. My friends can repair me.
  • Emily Hartford: Yeah. If you can reach 'em. What about me? I wanna help.


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