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Robot Buddies is an American stop-motion animated comedy TV show that aired its pilot on April 11, 2014. The show was to air on June 4, 2014, but because Famous ISD also aired the same day, it got pulled out of the schedule, and instead aired two years later, on June the 3rd, 2016. The show will air 26 episodes. It was announced that the show would be kind of like a miniseries, airing only 26 episodes, so a second season will not happen. The show went on a month-long hiatus after the 24th episode and came back on December 5, 2016, with the 2-part, 45 minute season and series finale entitled simply "Superman".

The CC (Cartoon Comedy) has considered continuing the property with a special or additional season, or something of those sorts. Then, on the channel's website, it was announced a TV movie is set to air on the channel in 2018, but it was not officially confirmed until the channel's first awards show, The CC Awardsies Ceremony, in which it was announced as Robot Buddies Reprogrammed. It premiered on June 1, 2018.


The plot revolves around the Robot Buddies, a comedy trio who makes movies and are inspired by pop culture characters. Their rival is Super Guy, who is jealous of them because their movies are always box office hits, while his are box office bombs.


  • Darthy (Phil LaMarr) - The oldest of the Robot Buddies, and therefore the leader, who's shown to be smart. He is a parody of Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise, right down to his name and appearance. In Darth Makes a Decision, he leaves the Robot Buddies trio to pursue Jedi school after becoming good (referencing Darth Vader, whom he parodies, in the Star Wars films), though he'll only study there for half a year before returning. After the episode, his fate's never revealed.
  • Primitivus (Josh Keaton) - The second oldest one, a "shapeshifting robot", who's of a nicer nature, and Molly's love interest. He parodies Optimus Prime from the Transformers franchise.
  • Skelly (Greg Cipes) - The third oldest one, a skeleton, who's rough and tough and despises Super Guy more than the other two. He's the only one out of the Robot Buddies who doesn't parody a famous pop culture character.
  • Super Guy (Jason J. Lewis) - The antagonist of the series, Super Guy is a jealous and evil method actor whose movies have been box office bombs due to them premiering the same weekend as the Robot Buddies' films, which draw more money and (positive) attention. He has a robot Minion, M!N^|\|!0N, and along with him, try to bring about the end of the Robot Buddies' success in order to bring his back, which are the basis for a majority of the episodes. the series finale Superguy, after the Robot Buddies build back up a malfunctioning and dying M!^|\|!0N, becomes nicer, joins the Robot Buddies with M!^|\|!0N, and the Robot Buddies morphs into simply "The Buddies". He is a parody of the superhero Superman.
  • M!N^|\|!0N (Dipper) - Super Guy's robot minion (hence his name) who joins Superman in his dastardly plots to destroy the Robot Buddies, and joins the Robot Buddies with Superman in the series finale Superguy to form "The Buddies".
  • Molly (Liliana Mumy) - A female dog who harbors puppy love (literally) for Primitivus but never hooks up with him. She was the main character in the episodes Molly Loves Primitivus and Marryoke.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
Pilot April 11, 2014
1 26 June 3, 2016 December 5, 2016
Television film June 1, 2018

Pilot (2014)

No. Title Original airdate
Series Season
0 0 "Robot Buddies" April 11, 2014
The Robot Buddies are a famous robot trio who make movies that consists of: Darthy, Primitivus and Skelly. Super Guy, is jealous when everyone likes Robot Buddies' new movie more than his new movie, so he threatens to threaten them with scissors, along with his sidekick, a big robot (whose name, M!N^!0|\|, wouldn't be revealed later on until episode 7 "Buddyguards".)

Note: Teddy from another The CC (Cartoon Comedy) program, The Adventures of Teddy and Friends, makes a cameo appearance.

Season 1 (2016)

No. Title Original airdate
Series Season
1 1 "New Movie" June 3, 2016
Robot Buddies prepare for their newest movie Flames of Destruction, while Super Guy has a bad time with his crew as he also makes his new movie.
2 2 "Molly Loves Primitivus" June 10, 2016
Skelly and Darthy set up a big fan of Robot Buddies, Molly, with Primitivus on a date after finding out Molly is smitten with Primitivus. Meanwhile, Super Guy tries to win the affections of Molly.
3 3 "I, Robot Buddy" June 17, 2016
Super Guy turns into a Robot Buddy. He joins the Robot Buddies, thinking of this as an advantage to finally kill the Robot Buddies.
4 4 "Robotarazzi" June 24, 2016
The Robot Buddies have to deal when paparazzi of them appear in the fan magazines.
5 5 "Pool Fool" July 1, 2016
While on the pool, the Robot Buddies encounter Super Guy.
6 6 "The Great Comic Book Caper" July 8, 2016
Super Guy steals Primitivus's beloved comics and the gang try to find out who stole his comics.
7 7 "Buddyguards" July 8, 2016
Super Guy and his robot minion, M!^|\|!0N, disguise M!^|\|!0N as a bodyguard hired by the Robot Buddies in order to find embarassing secrets about them that he can spread as gossip.

Note: Super Guy's robot minion's name, M!^|\|!0N, is revealed in this episode.

8 8 "The Critic According to Robot Buddies" July 15, 2016
After Supe Guy criticizes the latest Robot Buddies movie, Temple of Chips, he becomes a full-time critic and finds other critics who despise Robot Buddies, and team-up to bring them down. The Robot Buddies, however, don't seem fazed by the critics.
9 9 "Lights, Camera, Reaction!" July 22, 2016
The Robot Buddies start working on a new movie, so Super Guy decides to play on the set in order to cancel the film.
10 10 "Hack Attack" July 29, 2016
Super Guy finds out a way to hack the Robot Buddies and turn them into rude and inconsiderate in order to ruin their reputation.
11 11 "Marryoke" August 6, 2016
Molly's unquenchable love for Primitivus takes a toll on her sanity when she kidnaps Primitivus himself and makes her and him have a "marryoke", where she and Primitivus sing at the local karaoke and marry at the same time.
12 12 "Robot Buddies' Day Off" August 13, 2016
The Robot Buddies have a day off of being famous but Super Guy certainly doesn't take a day off of ruining their lives.
13 13 "From Sups to Riches" August 20, 2016
For a documentary based on their rise to fame, The Buddies: A Robotcumentary, the Robot Buddies (while interrupting each other) detail their rags-to-riches story.

Note: Super Guy (and M!^|\|!0N) don't appear in this episode.

14 14 "Primitivus's Birthday" August 27, 2016
It is Primitivus's birthday! Darthy and Skelly prepare for his big day while Super Guy pretends it's also his birthday in order to have more guests.
15 15 "Super Guy Merchandise Me" September 3, 2016
After Super Guy's merchandise's sales reach and all-time high, and Robot Buddies merchandise reaches the opposite, Super Guy decides to make his own merchandise in order to keep it that way.
16 16 "The New Robot Buddy" September 10, 2016
A new Robot Buddy that spoofs Iron Man, "Irony", joins the Robot Buddies gang, but Super Guy tries to convince him to be his sidekick.
17 17 "Robot Buddies: The Show" September 17, 2016
The Robot Buddies sign a contract from BC (Broadcast Company; parody of ABC, & NBC) to film a pilot of their own show, Robot Buddies: The Show, which could get picked up for a full season of 22 episodes. Super Guy, angry at this, forces the rival company, BS (Broadcast System; parody of CBS), to film a pilot for a talk show of his own entitled The Talk Talk Show With Super Guy.
18 18 "It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, It's Teddyman!" September 24, 2016
Teddy becomes a superhero franchise called Teddynator, which starts rivaling every superhero (including Superman), and Super Guy gets angry.

Note: Teddy from The Adventures of Teddy and Friends stars in this episode.

19 19 "Robot Buddies Remake Movies" October 1, 2016
The Robot Buddies "remake" five movies, each taking four minutes, including Kill Skelly (Kill Bill), I, Robot Buddies (I, Robot), The Shawshank Robotdemption (The Shawshank Redemption), Gone with the Darthy (Gone With the Wind), and The Budding (The Shining).
20 20 "Pooperman" October 8, 2016
Super Guy fatally starts weakening after touching a sapphire (spoofing Superman's kryptonite weakness), so he tries to get the Robot Buddies for the last time.
21 21 "The Buddies" October 15, 2016
Super Guy forms his own Robot Buddies trio: The Buddies, consisting of Superman, M!^|\|!0N, and a brainwashed Teddy.

Note: Teddy makes his third appearance in the series.

22 22 "Darthy Makes a Decision" October 22, 2016
Darthy is offered a scholarship to St. Saint School, where he learns the ways of being good, after he decides to do, well, good. However, this means abandoning the Robot Buddies trio. Darthy has to decide between St. Saint School and the Robot Buddies. In the end, however, he leaves to attend St. Saint School, though he'll only study there for 1/2 a year and then come back.
23 23 "No More Robot Buddies!?" October 29, 2016
After the remaining Robot Buddies, Primitivus and Skelly, debate over their next films and who leads who, they seperate, and Skelly goes with Super Guy and M!^|\|!0N. However, they reunite, as "Darthy would have never liked things this way".
24 24 "Super School" November 5, 2016
Super Guy establishes a school where enrolled students learn of his evil ways. Primitivus and Skelly must end the operation of this school by diguising as students.

Note: After this episode, the series went into a month-long hiatus in order to finish production and filming of the last episode.

25-26 25-26 "Superguy" (Parts 1-2) December 2, 2016
Super Guy no longer feels like getting the Robot Buddies anymore. After M!^|\|!0N starts malfunctioning and dies, he no longer feels ilke himself and starts going to turn over a new leaf as he desperately finds a way to revive M!^|\|!0N.

Super Guy encounters the Robot Buddies and desperately begs them for help, to which they reluctantly agree to. After building him up, Super Guy asks if he can "join them", after it is revealed all along that he wanted to join the Robot Buddies, and the evil plans he planned for them was to get their attention and make him join him, but the Robot Buddies deny him for all the trouble he tries to get them in. Super Guy and M!^|\|!0N become more attached but end up hated after they find out who started to unravel the Robot Buddies in trouble. The Robot Buddies, seeing this as an act of hate, decide to make Super Guy and M!^|\|!0N join them despite all the trouble he tried to get them into. The Robot Buddies morphs into simply "The Buddies" (a reference to Episode 21), and in the last scene, are shown making a movie. Darthy's fate is never revealed, however.

Note: This was a 45-minute episode (counting 5 minutes of commercials) and the season and series finale.

Robot Buddies Reprogrammed

A television film aired on The CC (Cartoon Comedy), which the series originally aired on, on June 1, 2018. This was part of the channel's efforts in rebooting or continuing its existing properties that already ended their lifespan. Darthy's voice actor, Phil LaMarr stated that the character is set to return in the TV film. He will play an unspecified yet big role in said TV film. During The CC Awardsies Ceremony, the untitled television film was announced as being titled Robot Buddies Reprogrammed, and had a June 1, 2018 release date on the channel. LaMarr later confirmed during an interview with Amid Amidi on Cartoon Brew that the film would be about Darthy during his time attending St. Saint School, and finding himself falling in love with a fellow robot colleague, who is to be voiced by Kari Wahlgren. The movie has a soundtrack comprising licensed R&B, pop, and electronic songs.

Title Original airdate
"Robot Buddies Reprogrammed" June 1, 2018
Darthy begins attending St. Saint School, a school dedicated to evil-to-good conversion, and begins falling in love with a fellow robot colleague, Jemma (Kari Wahlgren). When he discovers that she's in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Grimy (Yuri Lowenthal), Darthy begins assembling the Robot Buddies back again so they can stop his abusive tendencies.